Contact & Review Policy

**I am accepting both hard copies and e-copies of books for review, at this time.**

email -

If you're an author or publisher looking for me to review your book/s, interview you, host a giveaway/guest post or anything else book related etc, feel free to email me. Some points to note before you send me an email:

  • I have the right to decline any book/s or product/s.
  • I will be 100% honest in any review I post and if I do not enjoy a book, I will aim to be constructive in my review - I will never bash a book or the author.
  • I will also post this review on Goodreads but can post on Amazon or any other relevant website, at your request.
  • I am fond of fantasy, dystopian, action/adventure and romance novels within the YA and New Adult genres.
  • I will not be able to give an exact date as to when I will have read and reviewed your book/s by, excluding pre-planned book tours, of course. I am a pretty fast reader but I do sadly have other commitments, such as my job. *le sigh*
  • I work with a 5-star rating system similar to Goodreads. My reviews will, of course, explore my star ratings in much more depth - this is just an initial basis to go off of.
    • 1 star - this book was not for me
    • 2 stars - an okay read
    • 3 stars - I liked this book
    • 4 stars - I thoroughly enjoyed this book
    • 5 stars - I LOVED this book!
  • In your email, please include the title/s of your book/s, author/s, release date, page count, synopsis and any other relevant information you think I ought to know.
  • I accept hard copies, as well as proofs and e-copies.

Even if I decline reviewing your book/s, I may still offer you some other way to promote your book on my blog be it an interview, guest post etc.

If you're interested in me reviewing another product, however, or to get involved in something else, feel free to email me as well! For review enquiries, I'd prefer you contact me by email but, otherwise, you can connect with me on Twitter and/or Goodreads (links can be found in my sidebar and top right-hand corner).

Why choose Pages & Pinnacles?

I guess this is the part where I now try sell myself and my blog so, here we go!

  • I have TEN years worth of experience in the book blogging community (I am very proud of this, if you couldn't tell)!
  • I have over 255,000 page views.
  • I've worked with many popular publishing companies in the past including HarperCollins, Hot Key Books, Scholastic, Random House, Penguin and Curious Fox, as well as a variety of authors (both traditionally and self-published). You can find all my past reviews under the 'Books & Features' tab.
  • I've also been lucky enough to interview big authors like Cathy Cassidy and Beth Revis (you can also find these under my 'Books & Features' tab). I always aim for my interviews to be fun and insightful.
  • I am very active on my social medias and will promote my blog posts/reviews on there. You can check these out in the navbar above.
  • I like to think I know a little about words, having attained a BA in English and Journalism and Creative Writing from the University of Strathclyde (hopefully, soon, an honours too!).
  • Mostly, however, I am very passionate about novels and hope this shows through in your correspondence with me. I also love shining the spotlight on authors and novels that don't manage to reach as large an audience as traditionally published ones but who deserve just as much hype!

I look forward to hearing from you.