summer '17 in pictures; berlin, germany

Sunday, 17 December 2017
// the berlin cathedral //

// caught taking snaps //
// the backside view of the cathedral // a lazy canal //
// erin snapped on her phone amidst insane artwork // 

// fuck wars //

// tourist //
// I just love these colours //

// spot the veggie // and the strawberry beer //
// freedom //

// the first hostel we stayed in on our travels // my first hostel ever //

// kiss kiss // iconic

berlin was a wonderful and vibrant city; I absolutely loved my time there and whole-heartedly encourage those of you who have never been but are intrigued by the city to go. my cousin and I went in the beginning-middle of june, the weather was supreme and one of the best moments of the entire trip for me was lazing about under a museum's awning perpendicular to the breath-taking berlin cathedral. looking out over the grounds, dozing, people-watching, examining maps of the city, just taking a moment to breathe in front of the majestic sight of the building, stretched out on my back, head propped up by my backpack, gave me indescribable feelings of contentment and joy. we would also stumble upon incredibly cool artwork hidden down many alleyways of the city as we were exploring, and the berlin wall artwork was just as worth seeing as is expected. unfortunately, even in berlin, I'm still not a fan of beer, it's just... yucky. I gave it my best try, but even a strawberry flavoured brand didn't sway me. my first experience of a hostel was also pretty good, my roommates were from all over and could chat away about their travels, and one guy was especially charming, offering us cheese he'd picked up on the road and inviting us out with him and his friends at night. we couldn't go one night and woke up to find him passed out on his bed next to us the next day with a feather boa wrapped around his neck, feathers strewn about the room. I'm just guessing here, but he probably had a pretty amazing night.

-- go confidently in the direction of your dreams --

- rachel

**all these pictures are either mine or my cousin's, therefore ownership is claimed**

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