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Wednesday, 28 September 2016


been a fan of it since the beginning and will continue to follow it until the end. lover of its flaws, characters and amazing dress sense. gets better and more tense with each season. so excited for season four.

an extremely well-made production (BBC, what can I say) with a host of characters you cannot help but root for. also has a number of entertaining, complex relationships giving it a tense edge. also a big fan of eleanor tomlinson as demelza (and as an actress, in general). her renditions of medhel an gwyns and red is my heart are beautiful
another very well-made production. admittedly, I'm not particularly a fan of victoria's character, herself, but something about this show is utterly addictive. I might be a little bit in love with albert too, which probably helps.
great british bake off;
I've never been much of a gbbo loyalist. when an episode's been on, I've watched it and enjoyed it, yes, but never have I loyally watched a series of it until this year. and I've been following this one week in, week out. what's changed? who knows, but I'm rolling with it. even if my favourite was voted off last week. *sad face*
our girl;
a really enthralling and tense series. have been really enjoying this one and was quick to be invested in georgie's story and backstory. michelle keegan plays a great character.
A lot of the shows I'm watching just now seem to be period dramas. I'd love to find an amazing fantasy series (since I am a fantasy fanatic) but I've yet to find one that completely enthrals me.
Any recommendations? Are you watching any of these shows? What are your current favourites?
- rachel


  1. Rachel omg I'm loving this blog revamp! It's really cool and I totally understand what you mean about growing out of old content and wanting to write about a mixture of things. That's something I'm similarly going through as well. But I'm so glad your back. I've only ever watched like an episode or two of reign but all of these shows look so pretty! My current favourite shows are Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf, Gilmore Girls, Empire, Jane The Virgin, and Orphan Black.

    1. Thank you so much, Sunny!!<3 I definitely say just go for it if that's what you're feeling - it's your blog at the end of the day! Reign isn't the best in season 1 and it does face a lot of scrutiny but I was instantly hooked (think it's just my kind of show)! I've watched a few episodes of Jane the Virgin and Teen Wolf before but neither entranced me completely - it's very difficult for me to get into a series. *le sigh*

  2. Nice choice of TV series to watch, Rachel. I never watched these series, but they seem interesting.

  3. I’m dying to watch Poldark, it looks so good :) Great list!


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