April Wrap Up!

Friday, 1 May 2015
I feel like I've been rather absent from the blogging world this month. I had to sit a bundle of compulsory tests in the last week of school (they seemed never ending!) and Scotland was also blasted with a lot of sun at one point so I was constantly out and about with friends. I also had my last day of school ever, ever, ever - which is a pretty monumental milestone - and I will be waving goodbye to it very shortly - after exams and the like.

On another note, I did get to read a few books this month.

The Golden Specific (The Mapmaker's Trilogy #2) by S.E. Grove - 4 stars | The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis - 4 stars | Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard - 4 stars | The Jewel by Amy Ewing - 3 stars | Salt & Stone (Fire and Flood #2) by Victoria Scott - 4 stars
I'm quite happy about the number of books I managed to get through in April, though it's not the usual number. I can't really decide on a favourite, though - I enjoyed a lot of different aspects in each book.
I only reviewed one book this month and that was Sophomore Year is Greek to Me by Meredith Zeitlin (you can read the review HERE). I also created an original tag which I'm pretty proud of and would love for you to do on your own blog (HERE), talked about my feelings for Dominic Sherwood being cast as Jace in the Shadowhunters TV show (HERE) and talked about my highly anticipated May releases (HERE).

How was April to you?

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

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