Review: The Boy with the Tiger's Heart

Friday, 6 February 2015
Author: Linda Coggin
Edition: Hot Key Books Paperback
Released: 4th September 2014
Series: n/a (Standalone)
Pages: 229 approx.
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The wild is danger. The wild is fierce. The wild is freedom.

Raised by dogs and feared by humans, Nona must run from the authorities with the only people she can trust: a frightened boy called Caius, a mixed-up boy called Jay - and a bear by the name of Abel Dancer.

A haunting and unforgettable modern fable about bravery, untamed places, and what it is that makes us human.

I really don't know how I feel toward this book. It was completely not what I was expecting yet I wouldn't say I disliked it.

During the time I was reading it, I just felt slightly detached - I wasn't enthralled in the storyline and dying to pick the book up every time I put it down. I also felt like I missed the deeper meaning behind the story and the themes specified in the synopsis that the book was meant to explore. Sure, I hate the idea of a world where nature and animals are viewed as a threat but it wasn't put across in a way that made me overly emotional - which I would have liked, being the nature and animal lover I am. I also didn't really pick up on the theme of what it is that makes us human which is a real pity because that was one of the main reasons I picked the book up.

However, though the story felt a little weak to me, the characters were very intriguing. My favourite character was by far Jay. I loved the idea behind him. I also liked Nona, though I felt she never quite explored her full potential. Caius also added a different dynamic to the story with his background but I couldn't quite shake the fact he more or less just felt there. I also would have liked Nona and Abel Dancer's relationship to have been explored more because, as we know, I love human/animal relationships in books.

Maybe if you read this, you'll understand where I'm coming from. Though it wasn't one of the strongest novels I've read and I didn't particularly enjoy it, there was just something in the story that didn't repel me. It's a pity that I, personally, didn't feel the themes were explored thoroughly in the storyline - as I'm sure that would have been a portion of the book I loved. As it is, I'm really not sure what to make of this book. It was a unique read, but didn't quite reel me in.

Huge thank you to Hot Key Books for sending me out a review copy of this book!
Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. Aww, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this, Rachel! I also like books with human/animal bonds but this book's synopsis doesn't seem to grip me that much, I'm not sure why! I think I'll be giving this one a miss. Fantastic review! <3

    1. Human/animal bonds are the best! Thank you! :))

  2. I do agree it wasn't perfect but there were elements that I enjoyed a lot :)


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