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Saturday, 20 September 2014

ft. my bestie Cat

I am so sorry. So terribly, terribly sorry. I've been the lousiest of lousiest bloggers. I've not updated or even really been present in the blogosphere for SO long.

I hate excuses, I feel all I ever do is give excuse after excuse after excuse to explain my absences and, the thing is, I'm going to have to use another excuse right now. Things are hectic. I'm back at school (in my last year) and I have some personal shiz going on. I'm not in a routine yet (even though I've been back for a month *facepalm*) and I'm basically just a big stress ball.

I can't even see myself making my return to regular blogging in the near future, but I think I'm going to sit down soon and decide on times on a couple days a week to dedicate to blogging. I'm not promising anything in the next few weeks or so, but let's hope I won't be absent for much longer.

I love you all (you know you're the best, right?) and miss you all and blogging so much. Here's to, hopefully, a speedy return!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: These photos were taken from a photoshoot myself and Cat did today for both of our personal blogs. You can find Cat's blog HERE and mine, HERE. Stay tuned over the next couple days to see the posts! :)


  1. They turned out so well!! I'm trying to send the ones from my camera right now but there's 166 and they're taking an age to upload. :'D xx

  2. PERSONAL SHIZ SUCKS. SO DOES COLLEGE/SCHOOL ETC. I am a massive stressball too and I haven't blogged in ages [the ones going up are pre-written scheduled posts from before I started college because #thinkingahead
    What I've tried to do is every weekend reply to comments, and try and write at least half of one blog post, and then each holiday I'm just going to schedule like MAD.
    PRETTY PHOTOS. I'm still waiting for my e-mail by the way..:P *tumbleweed*

    1. I hope everything's going well at college! You've got a pretty good plan laid out, might need to steal some of it.. ;) AND THOSE PHOTOS I SAID I'D SEND YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE

  3. Don't worry I think every blogger is feeling the pressure! I certainly understand you, I haven't been much posting lately either. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things but who knows. It's up to whether I read anything. Good luck! Love those photos btw

    1. I hope you'll get back to normal soon too! :D


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