I've watched that movie! Not read the book though...

Monday, 28 April 2014
One thing you may as well all know about me is that I'm impatient. Even if I know a certain movie has been adapted from a book, if that movie looks good and I have access to it, I will watch it. Even without having read the book beforehand. *cringes* Let me stress, however, that I am getting BETTER. To prove this: I bought and read both The Maze Runner and The Fault in Our Stars earlier this year because I knew they were being adapted into films and actually wanted to have read the book beforehand! Forgive me? Thought so! ;)

So today I thought I'd share some book-to-movie adaptions where I've only watched the movie and not read the book. I figure you may get mad when you see some of the books I've not read so just remember... I love you! ;P

First up, Twilight. Believe it or not, I don't actually hate this movie. Sure, it's not my favourite movie, but I don't necessarily dislike it. Kirsten Stewart's acting may be a little... strange at times but it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the movie as much as it does others. Twilight is one of those movies where I sometimes just, unexplainably, crave it. No pun intended. ;) I do actually want to read this book though. Not because I want to trash the author or anything, I simply want to read it just because of how much fuss there is over it. I want to know whether I, personally, will love it or hate it. Simple as that.

Yes, I know, another Stephenie Meyer book. What can I say, I'm curious about her books! I rather enjoyed The Host movie. It was a breath of fresh air to me at the time I watched it. It was an alien movie that wasn't a crude comedy and I just really appreciated the uniqueness of it all. The setting really drew me in too. I also really want to read this novel (even though the size is quite daunting)! I did at one point take it out of the library a couple years back so I do regret never actually giving it a good ol' go.

My gosh, I haven't seen this movie for YEARS! Such a shame too because I adore it! It's just so unique and unlike any other movie I've seen, which makes me think how unusual the book could be. I'm always hearing good things about the book series from a few booktubers and so every time it's brought up now, I cry a little inside because I want it that much. It looks freaking fantastic!

Again, another unique movie which I kind-of adored. I can actually defend myself with this one though because when I watched the movie of this, I had no idea it was a book! Then, when I did find out, I remembered my mum having had a copy of this (with the cover above!) somewhere around the house but, when I'd asked, she'd had no idea where she'd put it. I am hopefully one day going to manage to find my own copy and get started on it because I'm desperate to!

Okay, so everyone has got to have seen The Princess Diaries, right?! It's like every pre-teen girl's fave chick-lit! ;) I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in the 'watched the movie, not read the book' department for this one! ...Imma right? *crosses fingers* This movie can easily cheer me up because it never fails to take me back to my younger years. *sighs happily* Believe it or not, though, I'm not sure if I even want to read this book. I don't know if it's too fluffy for me. I may end up reading it out of guilt. I have read and adored one of Cabot's books before though - Avalon High - so I don't know why I'm so hesitant!

I don't know what sort-of reaction I'm going to get when I tell you I actually like the Percy Jackson movie. Maybe this is because I haven't read the book but... Yeah, I like it. I'm quite the Logan Lermen fan, truthfully, but still. The movie's unique - ALL THESE MOVIES ARE UNIQUE, K?! - and action-packed, just my cup of tea! I am planning on reading the book series of this though. This is definitely one of the ones I'm embarrassed about having not read. *hides face*

Not my favourite movie but not too shabby y'know. It certainly had it's comical moments ('Don't be creepy, don't be creepy...')! Like with The Princess Diaries, I'm not actually too fussed about reading this. It doesn't look like my type of thing but, again, I may pick it up one day just so I can compare the two.

I don't have such a good excuse for not reading the book beforehand for this one. *facepalm* I watched this only a few months ago and knew, just before it started, I could easily, first and foremost, read this book. And I didn't. My curiosity got the best of me and I watched it. Would it help if I said it was really good? The cinematography was rather incredible? ... I WILL pick this one up. Probably. Maybe.

Yes. I haven't read this. *cries* The movie was beautiful, sweet, heart-warming, cute and I haven't read this book. I blame the fact that Logan Lermen and Emma Watson were in it! They were the reason I watched it in the first place! I BLAME THEM! So, yes, wasn't my fault I hadn't read this book beforehand. I'm sure I'll get on to it someday. Hopefully.

Ack! This is probably the book I want to read most out of all the above! Luckily, I do have it on my bookshelf! I just need to find time to read it. Again this was a movie I adored in my younger years. I loved the feeling of adventure and I was easily thrown into the fantastical world on screen. I'm hoping I find the same escape in the book! When I finally do get on to reading it. *scowls at school and every other distraction*

Wow. I didn't know this post was going to turn out so long. If you read it all, I applaud you. I hope you aren't *too* mad at some of the books I haven't read... I'll be getting on them soon! Most likely.

And you? Have you read any of these books? Did you enjoy them? Have you watched the movie too? How did the two compare? Are you like me and have seen the movie but not read the book? Or had you read the book then watched the movie? Comment below!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. Had no idea The Princess Diaries was a book!

    By the way, The Ender's Game book is a billion times better than the movie!

    1. Really?! I better get on to reading it! xD

  2. holy cow! no twilight, no the host, no the perks of being a wallflower....

    oh rita, what are you THINKING?!!


  3. sorry - autocorrect!


  4. I also didn't read the book before I watched Perks of being a wallflower and Princess Diaries

    1. Both movies are great though so I bet the books are good! :D

  5. I haven't read The Host yet either. Or Percy Jackson. I really don't think it matters which happens first though!

  6. 1) You should definitely read Holes and A Series of Unfortunate Events!

    2) There are 10 books in the Princess Diaries series. Some of them are annoying but some of them aren't. The move, however, is totally different!


    4) Honestly, Ender's Game the movie was horrible. They did a great job with the CGI and the cinematography but they bungled up translating the book onscreen. I really recommend you to read it. :)

    Great list! I'm thinking of doing something like this soon. May I? Hehe

    1. 1) They're near the top of my to-buy list! ;)
      2) 10?! I still don't think I'll end up reading the first one. :/
      3) OKAYYY!
      4) You didn't like the movie?! That's such a shame. I'm guessing this is an instance where watching the movie first was a good thing. It'll be easier for me to think of them as two separate, completely unrelated things.

      Yes, of course you can! I'm interested in the books YOU haven't read now! ;D

  7. Read Perks.

    Just, read Perks.

  8. Why is this post EXTRA awesome today? MAX. FREAKING. IRONS. That's why! I am seriously in love with Max and in The Host I just WOAH *swoons*
    The Twilight books are a lot better than the films. You should read them; they're not *that* bad.
    READ THE PRINCESS DIARIES because they completely butchered the film. It is nothing like the book AT ALL! They're soooooooooo, sooooooo good! Like, one of my favourite series? It was the first YA series I read and I love them! Also, there are going to be two more novels soon!

    1. He is rather beautiful. ;)

      I really want to read them so I'll finally be able to say whether or not I'm all for or against. ;3

      But I love the film! :O I *may* pick one up one day... Maybe. ;P

  9. Rachel!! Eeek I've missed you! -HUG- I'm finally back from hiatus ^_^ Ahh I've been seeing a lot of movie posts going around haha! I really enjoyed reading this because it's the best compilation I've seen yet! Some of these really bring back old memories... I've read some and watched some as well. I thought Warm Bodies was a pretty nice watch as well (Nicholas Hoult is fantastic eye candy ugh!) and gotta admit, Stephanie Meyer is making me a bit curious with The Host as well! Thanks for sharing all of these with us and jogging those childhood memories <3 Vivian

  10. If you enjoyed The Host movie, you'll love the Host novel! ;)

    Great post !

    Miss Perfection @ A Perfection Called Books

  11. OMG I didn't know Holes was a book too!? I didn't really like The golden Compass movie so i wanted to give the book a try. I also think I'm the only person who never read Lemony Snicket as I was growing up :/
    I have read all ten books of the Princess Diaires though, I really loved them. I think my favourites had to be 8, 9 and 10 because Mia is so much more mature and less of an awkward teen. You should definitely read them though!


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