Divergent Week: Miscellaneous!

Saturday, 5 April 2014
Okay, so I got out of the cinema twenty minutes ago and I am determined to pick up some more points for my amazing faction, Dauntless.

how cool is this?

What I liked most in the movie:
  • The 'jumping off the train' scene. The cinematography of the scene where Tris and Christina jump off the train is amazing and perfect and I just love it so much.
  • The 'jumping off the building' scene. I LOVED this. It just looked so real
  • The zip line scene. It was, put simply, beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. It made me feel airborne and free, flying through the air just like Tris. The view/landscape during that scene was breath-taking too.
  • Plain and simple the movie brought to life my favourite book. 'Nuff said.
  • The pretty eye candy of Theo James - y'know, I am a female, can you blame me? ;3
Sidenote: If you'd like a more in-depth review (including what I didn't like in the movie) then tell me in a comment! I'm curious and may write up a full review once I've sorted through my thoughts!

Why I love the book, Divergent:

If you didn't know already, Divergent, is my all-time favourite book. I LOVE it so, so much. I'm actually reading it right now 'cause I always turn to it when I'm in need of comfort or in a reading slump (it's so fantastically amazing that it always gets me out of a slump)! One of the reasons I love it so, so much is the fantastic storyline. I love dystopian/action stories and the plotline in this one is so unique and perfectly paced. I just love the idea of factions, it's an amazing idea and I wish I knew where Veronica Roth gets her ideas from. I'm so thankful to that brilliant woman for writing my fave novel! Tris is also one of my favourite characters of ALL time. She is just so brave, strong and admirable and definitely my role model. I'd love to be as amazing as her. I see a lot of myself in her at times and so I never fail to empathise with her or understand where she's coming from. She's just so brilliant and I love her to pieces. I also love Will and Uriah - both are perfect side characters. Overall, I love this book with all my heart and soul and I definetly want everyone to experience its sheer awesomeness.

Specific Tasks for Dauntless:

I was brave and talked to someone new yesterday in my maths class. Though there is no way I can prove this, I can promise you I am not lying! I also, believe it or not, did something I'm scared of doing and that's going to the cinema. Yes, I went to the cinema tonight and I am super proud of myself. Though I can't give you proof that going to the cinema is actually quite a hard thing for me to do, I can give you some backstory. Basically, I have anxiety. I've been suffering from anxiety since I was about 9 but it's a long story to tell you how it came about. When I was going through a particularly bad phase of anxiety, myself and my family went to the cinema - now, I had tried to be brave and had, admittedly, kicked up a bit of a fuss before leaving the house but, because I was so young, I wouldn't have been allowed to stay home alone. So, as I was sitting in my seat watching, specifically, WALL.E - people who have anxiety can tell you that they remember little details when they're having a panic attack - when I felt a panic attack coming on. I felt extremely sick and my internal flight response was really kicking in. I had to leave because I was getting so worked up. Now I always get scared before going to the cinema because I subconsciously replay that scene in my head as well as other episodes I've had at the cinema. Even though it may sound a little unbelievable, I'm truly proud of myself for going to the cinema tonight. Especially since I was going to be so disappointed in myself if I left because I would be walking out of D. I. V. E. R. G. E. N. T. I had to leave Catching Fire last year because of my anxiety and it sure as heck was not fun, let me tell you! So I sat through it tonight and am proud. That's as much proof as I can give, I'm afraid.

Okay, so I have under five minutes left until Divergent Week is over. So I have to go now before none of these points count. Bye!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

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  1. GO RACHEL GO RACHEL *pom poms* YOU'RE SO AWESOME i haven't talked to anyone *new* whole life. :P
    The pretty eye candy of Theo James - y'know, I am a female, can you blame me? ;3
    I'M NOT. :P


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