Book Spotlight: Monster Mirror by Isabella Macotte

Monday, 25 February 2013
Hey everyone! Today I've got author Isabella Macotte on the blog and she has graciously prepared a Q&A and excerpt post for us all. Her book, Monster Mirror was released on the 22nd February. Hope you enjoy!
A plan to keep evil from spilling out into the world is tested…

In a world where terrifying creatures roam the night, all seventeen-year-old Mia wants is a quiet summer in safe, supernatural-free Cape Livingston. After a wrong turn into an unknown area, she learns the Cape isn’t as predictable as expected.

Mia must protect herself from the paranormal world ready to destroy her life by using everything she’s learned from the horror movies she watches.

Will her training be enough to tip the scale in her favor? Will her choice between the boy she loves or the boy determined to deliver her as a Swap be the right one? Is her future with the Monster Mirror inevitable?
I live in a world filled with paranormal creatures. They showed up almost twenty years ago. That’s when the Reveal happened.
Hollywood stopped making new horror films when the real things showed up, so I catch my supernatural education from the net’s streaming movies. “Mia,” my mom used to say a lifetime ago, “stop with all the scary movies already. Switch to rom-coms.” No way. Maybe all this interest in the supernatural was premonition and preparation for me.
The story behind Monster Mirror?
How would you cope with living in a world filled with paranormal creatures? What if everyone around you wasn’t afraid anymore and didn’t pay attention to the deadly, supernatural beings floating in and out of the human world every night? No one believes you, but you know the monsters are ready to take the next step. You know they want to destroy the world. And you know, you’ll do everything you can to stop them.
Favorite character?
Right now it’s Mia, the main character in my latest book, Monster Mirror. I really like her personality, and she’s tough but emotional. The paranormal world has taken away almost everything she loves. Then, it wants more. Mia fights back using all the knowledge she’s acquired, but as hard as she fights, there are things she won’t compromise on. And as much as she’s fighting against the paranormal world, she might just have to switch sides and join it.
What are some of the things you look for in a good book?
I’ve incorporated some of my favorite aspects of a book into Monster Mirror. I enjoy books that have a good mix of action and emotional scenes. I like taking my characters into danger, then making the situation even worse. I have a soft spot for villains who aren’t all them seem to be and have lots of layers.
If you could disappear into any book, what would it be?
That’s a great question, but I think if you asked me this every day, I’d give you a different answer. I would definitely have to pick a fantasy book world, something with supernatural creatures, a meshing of the regular human world we know and a scary paranormal place, and a world where right and wrong can sometimes intersect.
If you could have any super power, what would it be?
I think I’d like to be invisible at will. I could go to a lot of cool places and know lots of different things without anyone finding out.
Quick Questions:
Favourite Color? Emerald green, especially when it stretches across a lush countryside and is dotted with ancient castles. I think I must have lived in Ireland or Scotland in a previous life.
Favourite Animal? Dog. If I could, I’d have a couple of dozen of them. Or even one of each
Favourite Type of Music? Alternative and Indie rock.
Favourite season? Fall, right when we get that first cold snap and the leaves start turning gorgeous colors. I make sure to go for a walk in the forest preserve when that happens.
Printed or ebook? Both please!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. Great post, Rachel! Thank you so much for sharing this :)
    This book looks quite good. The excerpt is really intriguing.
    I love interviews! The power to be invisible would be amazing :3

  2. Thanks for hosting me, Rachel! I loved visiting.


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