My 2013 Reading & Blogging Goals/Resolutions + EXCITING News!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013
Before I start I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year - I hope 2013 treats you all well and you get lots of bookish goodies! xD You also may have noticed the new layout. Well it used to be my old layout... but now its back! Anyway that's not really the point. Basically, I'm still having a few technical difficulties with this blog and, even though I swapped layouts to see if that would help, it didn't! :( So, unfortunetly, I can't customize any layouts or anything and so we are stuck with this. I hope that's okay? :3

Anywho, on to better things. First off, the goals/resolutions. I've never actually set myself any resolutions or goals since starting blogging so I decided I would do that this year. Without further-a-do, here they are!
  • To read 50 books, or thereabouts. I actually managed to read near 80 books in 2012 but I know that with the amount of exams and studying I have to do this year I may not have as much time as I'd like to read. So 50 books sounds good enough! :)
  • To post at least one or two reviews every week. I do usually post more though so we'll see how this one goes.
  • To do more discussion posts. I LOVE reading and preparing discussion posts but it is a lot of work... However, I am hoping to do more this year than I did last year!
  • To read a few classics. I've wanted to do this for quite a while now but I never have. That's going to change this year... hopefully! My wee mummy recommended Sense and Sensibility to me a few days ago so I think I'll start with that one! :)
  • To take breaks when needed! Now, I know this doesn't sound like that great a resolution... but I need to include it! As already mentioned, I'm going to have a lot of exams around this year (around May time I reckon), and I'll need to substitute the usual blogging time for studying time. I know, I know, sad times! :'( I hate that my blog is going to suffer because of school work... but it needs to be addressed! Also, if I fall into a blogging or reading slump there's no point in putting up a load of rubbish posts either.
  • To meet new bloggy friends and to follow/comment more on other blogs. I LOVE making new blog buddies and chatting and discussing books so I'm hoping to do more of that this year! Leave your link below if your a new follower and you have your own blog - I will stop by, it's a promise! xD
  • To reach 80,000 pageviews (currently 73,356! :D) and, fingers crossed, get some more followers (currently 397 xD)! I can't thank my usual visitors and followers enough! I LOVE you all! :)
  • And finally, to catch up on my review pile! I've started to get behind! :O
Now on to the exciting news! Veronica Roth's Divergent is being made into a MOVIE! OMG, OMG, OMGGGG! I cannot explain in words just how excited I am! I LOVED this book SO much and... eeeeeek! IT'S BEING MADE INTO A MOVIE! Which, I believe, will be coming out in 2014... OMG, OMG, OMG! Do you want to see the actress playing Tris? Do you? Do you?! Well, here she is!

Her name is Shailene Woodley and she's actually in her early twenties I believe - she does have a slightly younger-looking face than that of someone in their twenties though, so I think she could pass for a sixteen-year-old Tris! I hope she's good... because if this movie butchers the book, I'll cry! The director is a man called Neil Burger and, since I haven't seen any of his movies, I don't know if he's good or not! I hope beyond hope he'll do a great job. No scratch that, a FANTASTIC job! But I reckon they already know that there will be so much hype for this movie because so many people love the book and will have hired the very best directors, crew, actors/actresses. Here's hoping! I've also read that Evan Daugherty is writing the screenplay... It may interest you to know that Daugherty wrote the screenplay to Snow White and The Huntsmen also. :) As for who's playing Four, it was rumoured that there were four boys being tested with Shailene to see who had the best chemistry with her in November of last year. These four boys were Luke Bracey, Brenton Thwaites, Lucas Till and Jack Reynor (below are photos of them in the above order).
None of these actors even remotely resemble the Four I had imagined... but as long as the one chosen does a good job I'll be happy. Who do you want to play Four?
Let me just stress that this information may not be reliable! Everyone knows that the internet isn't always the best source! But since I'd seen most of this information on a number of sites I decided to post about it to get you all a little excited. Feel free to punch me if I get your hopes up and I'm wrong! :(

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: I haven't posted up a review this week so expect one up tomorrow or Friday! ;)


  1. Hmmmmm.... I'm not sure! They all look like they're straight off the school football team and well... I thought Four would be a bit more tough and raggedy looking... Brendon Thwaites (he's the second one right?) looks kinda like how I imagined Uriah, but with a different complexion... Like, if his skin was bronze-like then he'd look exactly how I imagined Uriah -- with that smile and all! Anyway, I'm sure the movie will be great! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited!

  2. You've set some fantastic goals, Rachel! I'm aiming to read 50 books because I'll be insanely busy too :( If I recall correctly, you're doing Standard Grades this year?(ignore me if I've got the wrong person >.<) Good luck! I'm doing my Highers - so frickin' nervous... Discussion posts are so much fun - I can't wait to see more of them on here :D To take breaks when needed - AGREE AGREE AGREE. Yes, I was reluctant to stop when I wanted to last year but I'm definitely going to take time off if required this year!


    Great resolutions, I am pretty much the same :) I am going to aim to read 100 books this year, I read 76 last year and I had a big reading break so hopefully I can do it! I have loads of exams this year too... poor us! Good luck with yours <3

    I love the classics one! I need to read more classic books too. Let me know what you think of Sense and Sensibility! :D And I definitely think you'll get to 80,000 pageviews and more followers, you deserve billions :D

    AND OMG DIVERGENT MOVIE!! XD I'll be first in line at the cinema! :D I didn't picture Four as any of the boys either but I'm sure the one that gets picked will be great. (if not, I will be very annoyed) ;)

    Looking forward to your posts for 2013, Rachel! :) xx

  4. Great resolutions, Rachel! <3

    OKAY. So I have Divergent finally sitting here on my desk right now. I will start reading right after I post this comment. Even though I haven't started it yet, really glad to hear about movie news!!! I haven't read your post on the cast in detail but I'm definitely going to come back after finishing the book ^_^


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