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Saturday, 15 September 2012
Hey everyone! Before I start on my (very overdue) discussion post, I want you to read this. ―――――――――

Did you read it? Great, thank you. Now we can start! (:

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If I'm honest, I don't re-read alot. It's not that I'm against re-reading or anything. I only ever go to re-read a book if (1) I suddenly have a need to read it, (2) I'm trying to avoid a reading slump or (3) I want a comfort read.

There are those who love re-reading, those, like me, who'll re-read on occasion and then they are those who just don't like re-reading at all. My mum, for instance. She's never re-read a book (if you exclude the books she had to study for school, of course). Even if she absolutely loved a book, she won't re-read it for the simple reason she wants to start a new book.

Though I can see where she's coming from, I don't mind re-reading at all. But I didn't just make up this post to talk about reading preferences, I set it up so I could share some past re-reading experiences with you.

I'll start with the Harry Potter series. I've read each of those books over and over! Since I practically only used to read those books (no joke!), I suppose you could say I took comfort in them. I easily got lost in the world J.K. Rowling created and forgot about my own. I'd re-read those novels so much that (when I was younger) my friend and I would quiz each other on the books/movies determined to see which one of us knew more. Even though I'm an utter HP geek, I certainly had my work cut out for me. He knew quite a lot! Who was the overall HP champion you ask? Well he would say it was him, but I would say it was a draw. ;) I'm not sure how I'd feel about them if I started re-reading them now though. Whether I'd still love them, or get a bit bored as I'd already read them so many times.

Next there's Matched by Ally Condie. The first time I read that book, I only liked it. But the second time, I loved it! Wierd, right? Well to make it even wierd-er (totally a word!), the same thing happened with it's sequel, Crossed. Didn't like it first time (even had to put it down), liked it second time. Hopefully I won't have to give Reached (the final book) two shots, cross fingers I'll like it enough the first time. We'll see! :)

And finally there's the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVED that book (plus the rest of the trilogy) the first time. But when I started re-reading it last night because I suddenly had a need to (probably brought on by the DVD which I've been watching quite a bit this week...) I didn't enjoy it as much. Sad times. I did still finish it though since I read it for hours on end but... I just didn't love it as much. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like I hated it the second time, I was just pretty distraught it didn't have the same affect on me as before. And get this, even Peeta didn't have the same affect on me. I even started wondering about Gale! Hmmm, strange.

Oh, and I don't want to forget Divergent by Veronica Roth. Loved first time, loved second time. That is certainly one amazing book! ;D

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Now it's your turn! Anything else to add? Do you like re-reading? Only on occasion? Don't like it at all? Have you ever had the same experience I did with a book? Loved first time, not so much second time? Vice versa? Anyone and everyone welcome to comment and share their thoughts - what's a discussion post without discussion?! And don't worry; I LOVE long comments! ^.^

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: Happy Belated Roald Dahl Day everyone! xD
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  1. Aw, I'm going to really miss your every-other-day posts, Rachel! But a big Good Luck with all of your exams! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I'll be really looking forward to when they're over, though. :P

    Amazing discussion post! I have to admit I'm like your mum, and don't really re-read books anymore. When I was younger, I would read the same books all the time. I think I read Candyfloss and Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson at least 10 times. However, now that I get sent review books, I don't really have the time to read a book I've already read, because I have plenty of new ones to get started on. I did love re-reading as a child, though. :)

    Thanks for sharing your past experiences! :) xxx

  2. Aw, schoolwork is so fustrating! I am in the "most stressful school year" too - teachers don't help, do they? -_- But I did a couple of GCSEs last year (the way I say it so casually, it sounds like I just popped out to the shop - lol! which is definitely not the case, they took over my life) so I guess I have less this year than other schools. Good luck with all your exams, Rachel! *hugs* Like Jessica, I can't wait until they are over! ;P

    Yay for discussion posts! I don't really re-read books either, I am a bit like your mum because I have so many books tbr that I just want to move onto another new story. However, I am like you too! I am a HUGE Potterhead! :D My plan is to read all the books 7 times each... nerdy huh? :D They are a great comfort read. I have read a few Jacqueline Wilsons again, too.
    Sometimes I don't re-read books that I love because I am scared that I won't enjoy it as much the second time round.
    And that Hunger Games thing is interesting, I might re-read them again soon to see what I think. You better not switch to Team Gale! *threatening face* hehe ;)
    Amazing post, Rachel! xx

  3. The Stand was the first book I ever reread. I only do it with books I absolutely love. Transcend, by Christine Fonseca is the only one I've reread recently and it blew me away even more the second time.

  4. I have always liked re-reading books, and I have always done it. I have come across a lot of people, though, who don't understand why you would and are like, WHY?!! WHY would you read it again when you've already read It before??

    I never really knew what to say, but I guess its for lots of reasons. One, like you mentioned, for that comforting sense of familiarity you get from re-visiting a world, a story and characters that you love (sometimes you just love a book so much you want to experience it again); Two, re-reading a book can make you see different things. You migh notice something more, or something else that you didn't see before. Your perspective might've changed and you might end up liking the book more, or less, than you did befOre. When I end up not liking a book I thought I would like, I always put it down with the intention of picking it up another day and giving it a second chance.Also, sometimes I just forget what happened in a book! (memory problems, I know!) EsPecially if there is a sequel coming out I will re-read the book to refresh my memory, or sometimes even if there isn't a sequel, just because I want to know what happens again!

    Great idea for a discussion post, Rachel!
    Catherine :) xxx

  5. I very rarely reread. Exceptions are comfort reads, childhood favourites and to avoid a reading slump (usually reading the comfort reads!)

    I wish I had more time to revisit some other books I've loved in the past. Perhaps when I have a more manageable TBR pile, I'll feel more comfortable about rereading!

  6. I rarely re-read, and the times I do it's normally going to be a book that I loved (e.g. Sarah Dessen) or a book I read when I was younger. Sometimes a re-read it quite good for books you read when you were 13/14 because you understand it a bit more (That's what happened to me with Before I Die).

    Don't worry about the whole posting only ever so often. I'm in Year 13 (last year before university) and I've been trying to have to post as much as possible for ages and you just kind of have to think 'Okay, I want to carry this on but I literally do not have time', Make the most of when you can post and face the fact that around the exams, there's going to be little internet time. Hope it goes well and let me know if you want any more advice, I've been blogging/doing exams for the past 3 years :)

  7. PS. Just to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blogger Award! You can view it here:

  8. Like you I only re-read on occasion, but it's mostly due to time constraints. So many books, so little time. I do like to re-read favorite parts, though (much faster than re-reading an entire book). Great post! :D

  9. Thanks for the amazing post!! I don't really re-read things, but if I'm in need of a comfort read then I will defiantly re-read one of my favorite books. Its a shame you didn't enjoy The Hunger Games as much the second time round, I have only ever re-read little parts of THG, I'm scared that if I re-read the whole book, I won't enjoy it as much!
    Thanks for the fantastic post!!,
    Beth xx


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