Interview with Book Blogger, Ria (PLUS Update)!

Sunday, 9 September 2012
Hey everyone! Today I've got an interview with the one and only Ria from The Beaucoup Review! She is a lovely book bloggy friend of mine and her book blog is one of my favourites! You should definietly go check it out! :D

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Hey, Ria *waves*! Welcome to Booktastic Reviews!
I'm so pleased to be here! Booktastic Reviews is one of my favourite blogs.<3

First off, can you give us a couple of fun facts about yourself and your blog?
Hmm, we're both Directioners?(; A fun fact... I'm a nerdfighter? John Green and his brother Hank introduced a new community, the Nerfighters. You guys should all sign up if you love John Green books, and even if you don't! They vlog to each other every day [other than weekends] about random stuff, which proves very entertaining. (:

What is your favourite thing and least favourite thing about book blogging?
My favourite thing is meeting all the lovely bloggers who run such amazing book blogs [such as you and Booktastic Reviews!]. And also the opportunity to discover hundreds of new books and authors, who I probably wouldn't have heard of if I wasn't involved in book blogging. My least favourite thing is having zero inspiration, and feeling your review or post isn't as good as it should be. ):

How would you describe your reviewing technique?
I wish I had a technique, but really I just type everything I felt whilst reading the book, and after, then hope that my thoughts have managed to come out structured! I also spell check before publishing, the amount of silly mistakes I make is unreal. -_- Sometimes I find that I've repeated myself, and sometimes I just droan on for too long-- in which case I read over what I've written and try to delete some bits.

If you could travel to any fictional world, where would it be and why?
Ohmygosh. Harry Potter. I'm not even a huge Potterhead, but who could say no to that?! To Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and the Room of Requirement? I would also love to visit Panem and all the districts in The Hunger Games... Though that would prove very dangerous. It would be so amazing to be amongst people who are so different, though! Oh, and also the world Lauren Oliver built in Delirium. It would be so different fro everything I know!

If you could meet any YA literacy couple, who would they be and why?
Ooooooooooooh... Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games, Alex and Lila from Hunting Lila, Alex and Lena from Delirium, Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars [best book ever].<3 Oh, and do John and Sherlock count?(;

If you were to go to Hogwarts, what classes do you think would be your favourites? Why?
I think I would love Transfiguration, but I'd be afraid of Professor McGonagall! I'd also really like to learn how to fly. And Defence Against the Dark Arts always sounds interesting. I would lov to go to Hogwarts, full stop!

Which superpower would you like to have? Why?
Invisibility. It would be so cool to walk around without people knowing you're there! It would make a lot of things MUCH easier. Harry's cloak would be handy.:P

Any tips you have for book bloggers?
Um, for new book bloggers? I guess to build up connections, as in Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. And always share the comment love, to let people know that the work they're putting in is being appreciated! I actually love reading other people's book blogs. [Some may call it stalking.] (:

Quick-Fire Questions:

Favourite colour? Red, purple, pink!
Favourite animal? Dog, penguin, hedgehog, elephant, monkeys [I actually love practically all animals. Other than the horrible ones. Like rats, aligators, crocidiles, sharks, etc.]
Favourite weather? You know when it's sunny, but with a nice breeze? Yeah. :D
Favourite school subject? English lit and Geography. French is fun, too.
Favourite author? ... I could give you a HUGE long list, but in short I would say John Green, Lauren Oliver and Cat Clarke.

Thanks so much for answering my questions! :D
Thanks so much for having me!

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Isn't she just lovely?! Now all you have to do is skip on over to her amazing blog and follow! ^.^

Now for the update! And I bet you can guess what it's about. SCHOOL! Ughhh. Anyway. This school year holds the first ever exams for me! *starts crying* And because of this there has been a big increase on the amount of homework. So since I will be dedicating quite a lot of time to studying/homework, Booktastic Reviews will probably not be updated as much as usual. I'll try my hardest to post whenever I can but I don't know if I'll be able to post my usual every other day. But we'll see! This is just a little note to tell you if I appear to be unusually absent from commenting and blogging, I'll be doing school-work! :(

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. YAY! RIA! :) Great interview both of you - fantastic answers to fantastic questions!
    My favourite thing about book blogging is the people too; the book blogosphere is just awesome. I hate it when I have zero inspiration too... and spend ages writing a point but then I decide it is awful so I just delete it -_-
    I'd love to dive into any fictional world too - but oinly if it is temporary! :P Panem would be incredible to visit but so dangerous that I'd by scared even after taking one step :3 I need to go to Hogwarts.... like you said, who doesn't?! Maybe I'll see you in Transfiguration class ;)
    And good luck with all your exams, Rachel! I have tons of exams this year too... I am praying that I don't go into another book blogging slump
    Thanks for posting! [wow, sorry, this is a loooong comment... -_-] xx

  2. Great interview :-)
    And I hope your schoolwork doesn't completely stop you from blogging!

  3. Yay! Two of my favourite people, Ria and Rachel! :)

    The Nerdfughters sound awesome, by the way, I have to go check them out as soon as I finish typing this comment...

    I would so live to go to Hogwarts too! You're right, you don't really have to be a HUGE Potterhead to want to go - really, who could resist all that?! I would love to try out Charms, and Quidditch would be pretty cool too! :)

    And I would live to visit Panem, if only to visit Katniss, although yea it would be pretty scary...!

    Loved the interview, you guys! :)

    P.S. Good luck with your exams, Rachel! :)

  4. What a fun, fun interview! Thanks to the both of you :)

  5. Fabby interview! HOGWARTS <3 ;) good luck in your exams - glad to hear you'll still be posting a bot though :)

  6. Thanks both of you so, so, so much!!! :) I would LOVE to meet Katniss and Peeta!! :)
    Good luck on your exams!! I hope they go amazingly! :)
    Beth xx

  7. YAY! I love the Beaucoup Review :)
    Great interview!!!

    AND- good luck with your exams! you will do well!!

  8. Thanks so much for such wonderful questions, Rachel! And to all the lovely people who left comments above. (:

  9. Oh, and good luck on all your exams, Rachel! I have mock starting in November, then a couple of exams in January, before all the man ones in May/June. Sigh. ): best of luck to you, m sure you're gonna do well!

  10. AWWWW, THIS IS SOOO CUTE!! <333 -Tackles you both- Awesome interview, you guys! Ria, I LOVED your answers, agreed on Hogwarts and also invisibility! <3 This is a lovely post, it put a big smile on my face from just reading it ^o^ Thanks for sharing this!!!!

    On the other hand, it's making me miss the blogging world even more, now that I'm not here most of the time TT _ TT POOF!


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