Review: Abandon

Monday, 20 August 2012

Author: Meg Cabot
Edition: MacMillan Paperback
Released: September 1st 2011
Series: Abandon Trilogy #1
Pages: 292

Pierce knows what it's like to die.

Last year she flatlined following an accident.

During that time Pierce saw a dark world and met a mysterious, irresistible boy.

Now that boy, John Hayden, has turned up at school. Every time she sees him Pierce finds herself in terrible danger. Yet she's still drawn to him.

John wants to take her back to the place she fears the most: the Underworld.

The question is, why?


Lately I've been reading quite a few books based around Greek mythology, and the majority of them have included the Persephone myth. And this book was no exception. It had great, dimensional characters and a gripping storyline (though I have to admit that I'm now seeing quite a lot of similarites in Persephone based books now).

The main character, Pierce was very kind-hearted and selfless but strong at the same time. She had just the right amount of vulnerability and bravery to make her a perfect main character for this story. Her narration was engrossing and was definitely one of the reasons that I kept turning the pages. And of course there's John. The exact type of male character I love! You got it - dark, brooding, mysterious and loveable. Ahhh.

Not until I'd finished this book and was looking up the author, had I realised I'd actually read a book by her before. Avalon High. And if I had known about that sooner, then I would certainly have had much higher expectations. As I'd absolutely loved that book! So I suppose I can probably recommend both Abandon and Avalon High now!

I've only got a teeny, weeny bit of criticism - and if I think about it, it's not actually that fair. I was going to say that this book had similarities to Everneath by Brodi Ashton, when in fact it's Everneath that has similarites to Abandon as it came out first. But, all the same, I think I'll be laying off the Persephone based books for a while - is it just me or does anyone else think that it's beginning to get a bit overused? However, don't get me wrong, this book does have a little twist on the myth. It's not like it's exactly the same or anything!

Overall, Abandon was still a great read with very easy-to-like characters and that great page-turning quality we all look for in a book. I easily recommend this to fans of Greek myths, Meg Cabot herself and romance-lovers (as well as anybody else who likes this sound of it!) as it still is a novel worth a read! I'm eagerly anticipating book two, Underworld, since I really want to know more about John's history and what will happen to them both next!


Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. This looks great! I love Meg Cabot, but have been holding off not reading this one because of the mixed reviews. But you've persuaded me otherwise! I love Greek mythology too (Percy Jackson rules ;P) but I have never read any associated with the Peresphone myth. I can understand your critism (spelling..? o_O), as when books do the same storyline it doesn't make it as unique. But I'm glad it had its own twist! Great review Rachel, as usual, thanks for posting :D

  2. I really do love Meg Cabot books! I read [or listened to, I got the audio book from the library] Avalon High probably a year or so ago now, as well as her Princess Diaries series, Airhead and How to be Popular. Her books are always so fun!

    The premise of this is so wonderful and enticing [really overuse that word, but I love it!]. Personally, I don't think I've read many Persephone myth themed books, but it does get super annoying when you've read loads of books with the same theme. It's nice to hear that this had its own twist, though!

    Thanks for the lovely review, Rachel!(:

  3. Like Ria and Zoe, I'm a massive fan of Meg Cabot, especially of her Airhead series! I was unsure if this would be for me or not, but your review has really made me want Abandon!

    I can understand why you would get a little tired of the Persephone myth, I have also read tons of books about it! I'm betting you've read The Goddess books? Anyway, I love how Meg's made her story a little different.

    Lovely review, as always, Rachel. :) xxx

  4. I started reading this a while ago...but I got a weeny bt bored and it was due back before I finished it... I always intended to get back to it though, and you've just given me a littl nudge to go and do that!

    I do quite like Greek mythology-ish books (YAY Percy Jackson!) but I agree that Abandon Everneath sound REALLY similar...? Hmm, I want to read them both now so I can compare them...

    Catherine :) xxx

  5. I really enjoyed Everneath, but you are right, Persephone is going around and getting way overdone! :(
    I love Greek Mythology, and there are SO many gods/godesses to choose from when writing a story, but it seems everyone is doing the Persephone and Hades thing right now.
    Great review though

  6. Great review. I've been wondering about this one! Thanks for posting! :D

  7. YAY, YOU READ ABANDON!! (by the way, book #2 "Underworld" is even better ^_~) Oh, I haven't read Avalon High or Everneath, but I shall check them out! Joooohn~!! dark, brooding, gloomy, yet still attractive John -sigh- Glad you enjoyed this one, Rachel! Thanks for sharing the lovely review!

  8. Thanks for the fantastic review!! :) I haven't read any Meg Cabot books, but I keep on hearing such great things about her! I am so glad you enjoyed this book, it sounds really mysterious and intriguing! :) This book does actually sound really similar The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter, and I know what you mean about it getting overused. I really like the sound of Everneath, Abandon etc... but the only YA greek myth re-tellings have been based around the persephone myth; and even though I do really like that myth, I know what you mean about it getting overused.

    Thank you so much for the amazing review, I am so glad you enjoyed this book!!
    Beth xx


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