Review: The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket

Saturday, 21 July 2012
Author: John Boyne
Edition: Doubleday Hardback (early finished copy)
Release: August 2nd 2012
Series: No, standalone
Pages: 278

Barnaby Brocket is an ordinary 8-year-old boy in most ways, but he was born different in one important way: he floats. Unlike everyone else, Barnaby does not obey the law of gravity. His parents, who have a horror of being noticed, want desperately for Barnaby to be normal, but he can't help who he is. And when the unthinkable happens, Barnaby finds himself on a journey that takes him all over the world. From Brazil to New York, Canada to Ireland, and even to space, the floating boy meets all sorts of different people--and discovers who he really is along the way.

I don't really know what else to say apart from, I LOVE this book! It's just one of those rare novels that's heart-warming and sweet in every way possible. You really shouldn't be put off by the almost childish cover (in my opinion, it's so cute!) because this book shouldn't be missed by anybody! It's definitely a book that can be enjoyed by all ages!

One thing I adored about this book, is that it reminded me so much of Roald Dahl's books! And who doesn't love Roald Dahl?! Yet again just let me stress out, THIS CAN BE ENJOYED BY ALL AGES! Please, oh please, oh please don't dismiss this just because you think it's childish! It's such a unique, one-off story that leaves you with such a warm, fuzzy feeling inside! I literally feel priviledged to have read it!

I felt like I was right there with Barnaby, exploring the world with him during the time when I was reading this! He went to so many places and met so many wonderful people who taught him that being yourself is much better than being someone your not. Each person affected Barnaby and vice versa. Whenever I was reading this book, I was smiling to myself. And when Barnaby started to devolp and grow as a character, well that was just the cherry on top!

Overall, Barnaby was a very sweet character with a very good heart. It's almost like he saw everything in black and white. He spoke what he felt when he felt like saying it. When your eight years old that's just what you do. You see everything in the most simplest of ways and don't understand how anything could be more complex that that. I adored him and for some reason I really wanted to be the one to keep him safe. Not only did he affect everyone else he met when on his adventures, he also taught me a valuable lesson.

To conclude, The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket is a heart-warming, adorable read that stuck in my head long after the final page was turned. I recommend it to anyone and everyone! Whether you read it to yourself or your family, just make sure you READ IT! I also want to add that there are some beautiful illustrations throughout (by Oliver Jeffers) that you won't want to miss either! GET THIS BOOK! *cue puppy eyes*

A warm, whimsical and imaginative tale of an unusual little boy struggling to be accepted for his differences, by the bestselling author of The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas.

Thank you so, so, so much to Doubleday for sending me out this book! :D

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. John Boyne is one of my all time favorite authors and The Boy in The Striped Pajamas made me cry like a baby. I Will be sure to put The Terrible Thing That Happened To Barnaby Brocket on my Mile long Tbr List

    Great Review Rachel

    Gabby~Bookmarks & Bookshelves

  2. I love John Boyne, I have to eras this! Amazing review :') and I just noticed congrats on 331 followers!!!! :D :D

  3. Sorry for the deleted comment:) I found that I had more to say, so I decided to put all my comments into one comment post, rather than two...

    I admit that I would not have picked up this book from the cover and synopsis alone, but after this review, I must have to change my mind. Really loved it when you said, "...he saw everything in black and white." So true, and it's nice that the author portrayed Barnaby in a realistic manner.

    I love the underlying message of this novel. Just like you said,"He went to so many places and met so many wonderful people who taught him that being yourself is much better than being someone your not."

    This sounds like an authentic novel. Great review:)

  4. Amazing review! :) I am so glad you enjoyed this book! This sounds like a really unique book, thanks so much for the brilliant review!

    Beth xx

  5. @Gabby - I really hope you manage to get this - you'll love it! Thanks! :)

    @Cliona - I think this is the only book of his that I've read, I'll be sure to check out the rest now! I also hope you can get this!! Thank you! x)

    @Zoe - That's alright! I'm so glad my review changed your mind! The theme is just so sweet! ^.^ Thanks!

    @Beth - Thanks! It really is a one-off! :D


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