Review: A Million Suns (Across The Universe #2)

Thursday, 14 June 2012
Author: Beth Revis
My Edition: Razorbill Paperback (Borrowed)
Publication Date: January 10th 2012
Notes: Across The Universe #2
Pages: 386
Rating: See below review.

Synopsis contains spoilers for first book but review is safe. :)

Trapped on board the spaceship Godspeed, Amy trusts no-one.

The ship's ruler is dead and a rebellion threatens. Amy wants to help Elder as he tries to take charge, but she's torn between her feelings for him and the chaos that's pulling everything apart. As more harrowing discoveries are made about Godspeed, Amy is caught in a desperate race to unravel its secrets. Only one thing is certain.

They have to get off this ship.

Wow, what an amazing book! Usually for me, sequels never manage to live up to the former book but A Million Suns? It went above and beyond! I literally loved every single word and never wanted the book to end! Warning: Gushy review coming up! ;D

The writing was so engrossing and brilliant, everything was expertly tied up and the mystery was so well-played out and developed that I was practically in awe. Revis definetly has a talent for writing mystery - seriously! I definetly did not see that BIG twist coming. Ohmygoodness! I need book three now! To leave us with that ending, that's just cruel! Then of course there was the whole spaceship setting which I absolutely adored! Everything is just so well done in the world-building area and in this sequel we get to know more about it - and some more of the spaceship's secrets!

As most of you who have read my blog for a while now will know, I'm not that much of a fan of male characters narrating the story. But this is definetly an exception! I loved the fact that the chapters are split up between Amy and Elder's point of views! There would always be a mini cliffhanger on one and then it be the other character's chapter! I literally couldn't tear my eyes away, and when I wasn't reading this book, I was usually thinking about it! It's just a great action/adventure/sci-fi/romance/mystery book - woah, a lot of genres...

Every single character in this book just added to the book as a whole. I can't even really choose a favourite because they were all great! Amy and Eldest are, of course, perfect leads though! Amy is still the same fiery character that we all know and love. Then there's Eldest who, in this book, had a hard time with both the ship and Amy. Oh, the poor boy! It was like he had the whole world on his shoulders - pun intended. ;) But yeah, in a nutshell, I loved both Amy and Elder and their alternate chapters! I don't know if it'd be the same if one of them wasn't narrating...

Overall, I absolutely LOVED A Million Suns. I really can not praise this series enough now! The mystery and characters and writing style and setting and... well, everything made this book so much of a page turner. It has definetly got a spot on my favourite-books shelf! If you haven't read this series you are definetly missing out, and I mean REALLY missing out!

Cover Corner: Let me just say I'm not a fan of this edition cover compared to the other one. I don't like the models because they are not at all how they are conveyed in the book - Amy's a red-head and Elder is monoethnic! I like the positioning and font of the writing but that's about it. Not a cover for me unfortunetly, I definetly prefer the US one! :)

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. I finished the first book about a week ago! Since then I have been waiting until I can buy the second book. Now I just want to read it even more!

  2. I really want to read this now! I haven't read the first book in the series, or even heard of the series before you introduced me. But I will definitely keep an eye out, now.
    Great review, Rachel!

  3. Amazing review!! :) I now really want to read this series, they look brilliant! :) Thanks for the awesome review!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it as much as the first book!! :)
    Beth xx


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