Raising Demons by Rachel Hawkins

Monday, 7 May 2012
Author: Rachel Hawkins
Edition: Simon Pulse Paperback (UK)
Published: March 1st 2011
Notes: US Title: Demonglass, Hex Hall #2
Rating: See below review.

Warning: Spoilers for first book!

Sophie Mercer's first term at Hex Hall turned out to be quite eventful. First the ghost of her evil grandmother haunted her every move, then her best friend was accused of murder and of course there was the discovery that Archer Cross, aka the boy of her dreams, was actually an undercover demon hunter - which would probably be something she could have worked on, if she hadn't also discovered that she was actually the demon Archer was hunting…

So, despite their issues, Sophie is actually relieved to be spending the summer in London with her father. But when your father is Head of The Council of Prodigium and your summer is being spent at the headquarters of everything magical, then a quiet holiday isn't really that likely. And, as Sophie struggles to come to terms with her new found demon powers, she finds herself thrust once again into a world of dark magic and conspiracies. The only thing that could possibly make things more complicated would be for Archer Cross to show up again, which of course he wouldn't, would he?

I am so, so, so glad that there is finally an author out there that, in my eyes, can write a sequel every bit as good as the first book! Raising Demons was fantastic! It had great characters, an enjoyable plot and, of course, romance!

In the first book, one of the things I admired was Sophie's character, and I'm glad to report back that in this book she is every bit as sarcastic and witty as she's ever been! I loved her as a whole and just could never imagine this book being as good as it is, if she wasn't the main character! Since it is all from her perspective you just can't help but love her whole attitude - she even made me laugh out loud a couple of times!

Of course, I just have to talk about the romance! Two words: love triangle! Well, it only really appeared in full at the end but still... Anywho, the two boys involved are Archer (woo!) and Cal. For those of you that didn't pick up on the meaning of woo! - I'm Team Archer! But just by a millimetre! Cal is just so lovely and sweet and brave, I feel guilty, but Archer is just... well, Archer! Frustrating, brave, sweet, menacing and irresistible! Don't you just hate it when you like them both?!

Since Hex Hall was set in a boarding school (for all you new readers, I'm obsessed with boarding school settings, note that down for future reference!) I didn't think it was possible for Raising Demons to be just as good, but I was wrong! The action, mystery, romance and characters definetly made up for the loss! Plus, the ending! Ahh, cliffhanger! I need book three now!

Overall, Raising Demons was amazing and definetly worthy of being awarded the title of much-loved sequel! I definetly recommend everyone to read this series! I feel like I'm gushing right now, but I don't care! I loved it! Characters with attitude, a mysterious, action-packed storyline, a love triangle with some swoon-worthy boys... everything a girl could wish for, right?

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: I'm not even going to apologize for the overuse of exclamation marks! xD


  1. Amazing review :) I need to read this series soon

  2. Great review, Rachel! This series is on my TBR list, I must get started on it eventually! :D xxx

  3. Brilliant review!! :) I read the first book in this series and LOVED it (!!) so I really need to read this book soon! Thanks for the awesome review!!
    Happy reading!
    Beth xx

  4. @Cliona - Thanks! I hope you do! :D

    @Jessica - Thankies! Hope you get to them soon! :D

    @Beth - Thank you! You really should - it's just as good! xD


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