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Monday, 2 April 2012
Please welcome to the blog today author and screenwriter, Heather Beck! One of her most recently published books is Whispers In The Shadows (which you will find in more detail in the interview). There will also be a giveaway where one of you lucky readers will win PDF formats of three of her stories... but come back later for that!

Hello, can you tell us a little about your newest book, Whispers in The Shadows?
Hi, Booktastic Reviews! Thanks so much for having me on your blog. Whispers In The Shadows is a paranormal romance anthology that contains five stories. It’s part of the Legends Unleashed series. Below is a teaser from each story.

Where Feelings Go To Die
While on a working vacation at Black Heart Lake, journalist Ashleigh uncovers a century-old story about a love triangle that turned deadly. Upon coming face-to-face with the vengeful ghosts, she learns the hard way that some feelings just won’t rest in peace. Adding to the danger is the return of Ashleigh’s recently deceased, cheating ex-boyfriend who wants more than just her love. Trapped in a haven for ghosts, her only defence is to find their weakness.

Hot Egyptian Nights
While on vacation, Hailey falls in love with Egypt’s awe-inspiring beauty, fascinating history and Zade, her sexy tour guide. Hailey’s new relationship is magical until Zade tries to sacrifice her in a hidden pyramid that’s filled with bubbling oil. Hailey’s intense encounter with him the next day reveals that her kidnapper is actually Said, Zade’s twin brother. Since entering an ancient tomb, Said has been cursed by a king who won’t rest until Zade, and everyone Zade loves, is dead. Hailey will do anything to destroy the curse, even if it means betraying Zade.

Rival To Survival
There’s something special about the Dark Forest, and its secret can be found in the magical mushrooms which forever sustain life. Two hundred-year-old Harv will do anything to ensure that his mushroom supply is abundant, even if it means betraying an old friend. Harv’s passion to live forever is intensified when he meets Scarlet – a woman whose passion matches her great beauty. All he has to do now is convince the skeptical Scarlet to embrace his mysterious, dangerous world and, of course, survive in it.

The Truth About Fairy Tales
Lila would do anything to find her prince charming, even if it means using a cheesy internet dating service. Matched with the handsome and courteous Phillip, Lila thinks she’s found a man who is the epitome of perfection. When Phillip is ambushed and taken away by a secret government agency, Lila fights back. What she uncovers is an advanced technological prototype that proves Phillip really is too good to be true.

Lure Of The Merman
A sudden storm strands Bree on the beach, forcing her to take shelter in an old cave. When she falls into a watery hole, she is rescued by the mysterious Sandy who appears from the ocean. Through romantic letters and unusual gifts, Sandy slowly wins Bree’s heart from afar. When she finally sees him at the beach, she boldly kisses him. That’s a big mistake because Sandy is a manipulative merman and Bree’s kiss transferred her legs for his fishtail. As a mermaid, she must navigate a new and dangerous world while preparing for the ultimate showdown with Sandy.

Where did you get your inspiration?
Like all the titles in the Legends Unleashed series,Whispers In The Shadows was created from my love of paranormal romances and fantasy worlds where anything can happen. I strive to write plots that are well-developed, fast-paced and filled with unexpected twists. Whispers In The Shadows features strong, multifaceted female protagonists who transcend the ordinary to find a beautiful life. It’s definitely an escapist series inspired by imagination and boundless possibilities.

Do you need any necessities while writing?
I always use a pen and paper while writing. I rarely ever sit down with my laptop and just type because I find that anything but inspirational. I’d rather be outdoors in a peaceful surrounding, like on the dock at my cottage, at the beach or in my backyard. However, creating stories comes very naturally to me so I believe I could write in most situations.

If you could choose to spend a day with any of your characters, who would it be and why?
I would choose Forrester from my TV series, HarborBoys, because he is undoubtedly flawed but strives very hard to overcome the less than stellar circumstances he was born into. He is strong, both physically and mentally, ruggedly handsome and possesses a rational foresight that aids him when he’s inevitably put into difficult situations. I admire these traits and find Forrester to be an extremely multifaceted and interesting character. Since he is an avid outdoorsman, we would spend the day hiking and fishing.

Do you enjoy anything else apart from writing?
My biggest passion besides writing is the outdoors. I am addicted to the sun, sand and surf and could happily spend forever swimming or just lounging on the beach. I also love hiking and fishing – two activities I’ve done since I was young. Additionally, I love volunteering with non-profit organizations. It’s a huge passion of mine and something I take great pride in. It’s a beautiful thing to make a difference in someone’s life.

Are you working on another book right now? If so can you tell us a little about it?
I am currently working on edits for the remaining books in The Horror Diaries series. The next book, Creatures Of The Night, will be released June 2012. I have started writing Assorted Candies (an anthology of literary romance for teens) as well as two young adult paranormal romance novels entitled Siren and Fairy Dust. Additionally, I will shortly begin work on What Fairy Tales Are Made Of, which will include the last four volumes in the Legends Unleashed series. On the screenwriting side, I have written several short scripts that are scheduled to go into production in 2012. They include Too Sensible For Love – a dark romantic comedy with social commentary running throughout it, Love’s Folly – a romantic comedy that will keep viewers guessing until the end, and Circular – a chilling social commentary about war.


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  1. Great interview!! Heathers books sound awesome!!
    Thanks for the fantastic review!

    Beth xx

    1. Thanks, hehe. I agree, they sound great! You're welcome and thank you for stopping by! :D

  2. The Truth About Fairy Tales sounds awesome. I find it hard to write with pen and paper, because I always feel like I've written moer than I actually have :(
    Great interview, thanks!

    1. Yeah, it's so unique and intriguing! I've tried writing with paper but my hand always starts hurting so I tend to stick to typing since I'm much faster that way, hehe. =]


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