Mist by Kathryn James

Thursday, 22 March 2012
Author: Kathryn James
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Release Date: 1st September 2011
Pages: 310
Rating: 4/5

Midnight: a mist-haunted wood with a bad reputation. A sweet sixteen party, and thirteen-year-old Nell is trying to keep her sister, spoilt birthday-girl Gwen, out of trouble. No chance. Trouble finds Gwen and drags her through the mist. Only Nell guesses who's behind the kidnap - the boy she hoped was her friend, the gorgeous but mysterious Evan River.

Evan is no ordinary boy - he has a secret which will lead Nell to question everything she has always learned from her grandmother's stories. Evan lives on the fringes of Nell's world, rarely glimpsed, misunderstood and feared, but a long-simmering showdown between the two worlds is looming...

Mist sounded very intriguing when I first read the back of it. I picked this book up with hopeful expectations and, d'ya know what? It exceeded them! I wouldn't say it was an absolutely flawless book but it was just the sort-of story I was in the mood for: adventurous, fun, mysterious and not too long. It reminds me of the books I used to read before I became part of the book blogging world and was opened to a world of genres I never knew anything about, and I'm glad Mist opened those doors once again.

Nell Beecham is used to looking in from the outside. She's not as popular as her big sister, Gwen, and the only two best friends she's ever had dumped her for a life of make-up and boys. She knows she's different, but she never guessed how so...
Nell has talked to Evan Rivers a few times. He's different too. Not one to play by the rules. She never for one minute thought that a disastrous birthday party in the spooky woods would collide both of their very different worlds together, and set Nell a dangerous rescue mission into one of her grandmother's old fairytales.

This book had a great plot. Different and very refreshing. Not to mention pretty cool! You are sucked up into the action quickly and, even though a little build up would have been fine by me, it still worked well. The storyline was probably one of my favourite factors, along with the characters.

Nell, the main character, was brave and fought for those she loved which you can't help but admire. I love a brave heroine and of course she had a kind, gentle side to boost! Evan was my other favourite character though. He gave himself such a hard time when all he done was be kind and sweet and thoughtful and just pretty awesome!

Overall I found Mist quite an enjoyable read. I will definetly be looking out for the next in the series, Frost, which comes out sometime in June this year! This book would be suitable for a rainy day (a sunny one will do just fine too!) and I'm sure you'll like it if you try it! Hint, hint... ;)

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. Brilliant review! This sounds like my kind of book, I must check it out!

    Thanks for your comment on Pandemonium, you should read Delirium soon!

    1. Thanks, it's amazing!

      Yeah, I really want to read it sometime soon! =]

  2. A wonderful review, Rachel! Looks like something I would enjoy! :) xxx

  3. thank rechal... wat u said is exactly wat i am saying in my mind... it is an amazayn book isnt it???

  4. * i meant Rachel

  5. i looooooooooooooooooooove u Rachel <3
    xxx ollie xxx


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