Kiss, Date, Love, Hate by Luisa Plaja

Monday, 27 February 2012
Author: Luisa Plaja
Publisher/Source: Random House
Release Date: 2nd February 2012
Pages: 278
Rating: 4/5

What if you could change your friends' lives and loves through the settings of a computer game...?
Lex Murphy's group of friends have all dated, hated, ignored and lusted after each other for the last few years. If only there was a way of matching people perfectly to avoid all the unrequited love, dumping and drama! Then Lex's friend George is given a mysterious Sims-like game by his software-testing dad which involves building character profiles in the categories of Life, Looks and Love. Lex and George populate the game with avatars for all their mates, making a few 'wishful thinking' adjustments to the settings - and find that the next day these tinkerings have come true! But how long can this new calm, loved-up atmosphere continue?

A lovely, light, girly read from Luisa Plaja, what more do I need to say? I definetly recommend this to tween/teen girls who are looking for a unique and enjoyable read.

Lex Murphy has a strange group of friends. Not only have they all had their fair share of fall outs and break ups but her "supposed" best friend is too involved in her studies to pay attention to her, her other best friend stole her boyfriend and George, her clueless boy buddy is obsessing over a girl who won't even give him a second glance. Then when she finds out that an online game actually affects what happens to them all in real life how can she resist seeing what would happen if she altered a little thing here or there...

I've always admired how Luisa's stories have a normal teenage set up with a little bit of magic incorporated into them and this one was no exception. A game that changes people in real life. Genius, or what?! I really enjoyed the original plot line. I need to admit that when I first heard that part of the story would focus on film making I was sceptical because I thought it would be quite boring, but it turned out not to play a big part in it so it was fine. I'm also not the biggest fan of chick-lit novels so the rating 4/5 is a pretty good one! :)

I also quite liked the characters and all the twists some had. My favourite character was probably Lex or Drew. Lex was a great main character but I probably couldn't have done what she done, I wouldn't have the guts to change people's personalities! I liked her on a whole, she fit well for the book. She had a fiery, stubborn side to her which I couldn't help but like and, at some points, find comical. At the start with the little love triangle of Matt and Drew I really wanted her to get back with Matt. Then when I found out about the little... twist, I started warming up to Drew. I really liked Drew's bad boy personality with a softer side and I just started thinking how great they would be together. However, I am not giving anything away!

Overall I found Kiss, Date, Love, Hate a light, girly, enjoyable read that tween/teen girls should definetly check out! It has a really original storyline, great and relatable characters and unsuspecting twists! If you haven't already picked this up I suggest you do so now!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. This book looks super cute and really great review :)

  2. Fab review! I loved this too, and felt the same about the film-making!

  3. I have read one chapter of this so far and really liked it! However I had to leave it for a while to go back to my review books. I don't think it will take me long though to get back to it - it looks amazing! Great review :)


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