Day of Vengeance by Johnny O'Brien

Monday, 12 September 2011
Schoolboy time-traveller Jack Christie is thrown back to 1940s Nazi-occupied France. With the Battle of Britain and the German Vengeance programme underway, the Second World War is at a crucial point. Jack and his best friend Angus take a more senior role in VIGIL's attempts to prevent intervention in history, attempting to stop the Revisionists from their highly volatile nuclear plan to stop the war. With spitfire dogfights, jeep races and thrilling chases, the boys have their most hair-raising adventure yet, including involvement in an assassination attempt on Hitler himself...

Edition: Templar, September 2011, Proof copy
Note/s: Book #3 in the Jack Christie Adventures novels
Source: Templar Publisher
Rating: 2/5

When I was contacted by the publisher to review this book, I wasn't completely sure that it was my thing, and after reading a good load of the book I began to wonder if I, in fact, was right.

I found the beginning boring and I was actually thinking about putting the book down but then it suddenly picked up and I found myself absorbed in the action. I also found it a little confusing because I don't know much about weapons or planes.

I bet you're all now thinking, well this book doesn't sound that good then I feel I ought to tell you that one enjoyable factor that I found kept me reading was the characters. The two main characters, Jack and Angus are caught up in the middle of a feud between two teams, The Revisionists and VIGIL. Jack's dad (along with some help) had managed to create a time machine, the Tauras, so they (the Revisionists) could travel back in time and prevent past disasters. VIGIL, on the other hand feel that it is too dangerous for people to re-write history so they try to stop them. Jack and Angus side with VIGIL, but, naturally, they usually end up in the past.

My favourite character in this book is Sophie. She meets Jack and Angus when they end up in the past. She's the exact brave, determined, butt-kicking girl any female reader would admire. She's similar to Angus. He too is adventurous, and brave. Jack is slightly more cautious and scared but he can shine in certain situations.

I recommend this book to readers 12+ who like weapons, action and a splash of history. Even though, I personally feel that it is just slightly more aimed at boys, if you're a girl who likes the sound of it go ahead! I love the Alex Rider novels, even though stereotypically it looks like it's for boys, so it's all about finding the books for you.

Rachel xx :)


  1. Interesting review! I guess you had to read the first two to appreciate the book. I liked Sophie too in this book :)

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  3. Sorry that last comment was me spazzing about how much this book sounds like my mom's :D
    When I originally heard about this book (I didn't read a synopsis or anything) the whole Battle of Britain aspect seemed cool to me. But I can understand your criticisms. The plot synopsis was too cliched to be striking enough to a prospective reader.
    I don't know if I'd read this book, I don't know anything about weapons so I'd probably be pretty lost!!

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