Guest Post by Author Samantha Boyette

Saturday, 16 July 2011
I’ve been writing for years, it’s almost like therapy for me. Last year I finally started to get serious about it, sending out some short stories and entering writing contests. Low and behold I actually won a contest! It was the 2010 writing contest, and I won with my book Prime which is in the limbo process of finding publication. While waiting for that to happen, I decided to jump on the ebook band wagon with another book that is close to my heart, Morning Rising.

At it’s core this YA fantasy novel was inspired by a friend’s issues with drugs, and the ups and downs that had on her life and everyone around her. Of course this book is a fantasy, so it’s not straight up an issues book or anything. Instead, it follows Kara, who thought her best friend Dylan was just a normal, messed up teenage girl, until they were both pulled into the world of Inbetween. There she discovers that Dylan is a princess from the Daylands, and Kara is her Guardian. They were both sent to the human world to hide Dylan from Demitar, the ruler of Inbetween, who wants to claim her because she was born of light and darkness. Whichever side she chooses, she will become their most powerful ally. As her Guardian, Kara is the only one who can help Dylan choose the side of light.

Until reaching Inbetween, Kara has always been Dylan’s sidekick, going along with whatever she says and doing her best to keep Dylan from killing herself with too many drugs. In Inbetween, Kara begins to realize she is more than a sidekick, that she’s always been the one looking out for Dylan. As new friends show her respect for being a Guardian, she begins to take on more of a leader role, becoming stronger in who she is and what she wants.

Morning Rising is available for only .99 cents on both the Nook and Kindle now! You can read the first two chapters on my website:

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