Eldest by Christopher Paolini

Thursday, 14 July 2011
Roran was left with next to nothing when his cousin, Eragon suddenly fled Carvahall. Now, the enemy has come looking for him, the enemy Eragon had flown off to pursue. With no other choice but to flee, Roran goes off to search for safety and help.
Meanwhile, Eragon has travelled to Ellesmera with Saphira for his training as a Rider, but danger is steadily catching up...

Edition: Corgi 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Pages: 668
Recommended Age: 13+
Source: RHCB
Rating: 2/5

I really wanted to enjoy this book, but I have to be honest, it wasn't as good as the first one. It got to confusing and after a while, I started to get a little tired of it.
The start did seem promising as it went straight into the action but afterward I was just to confused that I didn't settle into the novel as I would have liked. Overall you do sort of get the main points and all but it's the little things in books that you want to know. The language is really descriptive but I just wasn't advanced enough to understand some of it.
Judging my review so far, you're probably thinking she never enjoyed this novel at all but at some parts, I did. For example, there is a BIG twist near the end which you can't helped but be amazed by. I also enjoyed finding out more about the characters and reading about Roran.
My favourite characters pretty much remained the same (Arya and Saphira), but this time another character was introduced that I found in my favour. I don't want to say anything though because it would be a MAJOR spoiler.
Arya, the elf that Eragon seems to be falling for, has now accompanied Saphira, Orik and Eragon back to her city, Ellesmera (oh yeah, and there's another twist somewhere in there too...) and you get to see her personality blossom.
I give this book the rating of 2/5 because I feel it wasn't absolutely terrible, but OK. I would have liked to have given this a higher mark but at the end of the day, in my opinion, this book just wasn't what I had hoped.

Rachel xx :)

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  1. I definitely agree with you, Eldest was the slowest of the entire series, I think it had to do with the lack of action in the middle, and the confusing multiple POVs. But, whenever you get ahold of Brisingr, be comforted by the fact that it goes by much faster.


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