The Rise and Fall of Bibi Karstad by Judy Dearborn Nill

Sunday, 20 February 2011
"Fourteen-year-old Bibi Karstad hits the ceiling way too often. Recently transplanted to a small Oregon town by her channeler mother, Bibi hates living away from her father in Seattle. She also hates her mother's spirit guide, Prancing Bear, whom she calls Panting Bore. He scares her, as does a growing suspicion that she's more like Mom than she wants to admit. On Halloween night, alone in her mother's New Age bookstore doing research to discredit mediums, Bibi accidentally discovers a talent for levitating out of control. Now she must keep her ability secret long enough to win the newspaper contest that will return her to Seattle."

Author: Judy Dearborn Nill
Genre: YA/Teen
Recommended Age: 13+
Rating: 4/5

This story definitely scores points for originality. Never before have I heard of the ideas that are in this book! When Judy contacted me requesting a review I wasn't sure if I was going to like this but when I started reading I realised that I should have had higher expectations.

The main character, Bibi Karstad is very easy to relate to and is very likable. You don't really find out anything about her past until the end which is quite a teasing quality. She doesn't let people walk all over her, she stands up for what she believes in and is also quite down to earth.

Unfortunately I found this book a bit confusing but I did start to get some answers towards the end. I am putting this down to the fact that I had to quit reading it for a little while because of a school project.

I recommend this novel to older readers because there is some use of mild language (but not much!). I will happily tell you to read this because it is quite a good book all-in-all.

Rachel xx :)


  1. Although I'm not a young adult, I read The Rise and Fall of Bibi Karstad and thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters are quirky but completely likable and believable, and the plot kept me interested from start to finish. I recommend this book without hesitation.

  2. That is the good thing about YA books, a lot of people - adults too - can enjoy them! I completely agree with what you are saying about the quirkiness of the characters - it just adds to the novel! Thanks for commenting and sharing your opinion :o)


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