Debating Wednesdays #1 - JOIN NOW :)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011
I have a great idea! Every Wednesday I will be holding a debate, e.g. Which genre do you prefer, Romance or Adventure? I think it will be fun, what will happen is I will post up two different opinions/sides and you have to pick the one you want to support. You then debate in the comments and try and get other people on your favoured side. Convince people why your side is the best, give them reasons! Please state in your comment which side your on so I know for sure. Then the next day (in this case tomorrow) I will announce the winning side! Anybody can join in! Without further a do here is the debate for today...

Jacqueline Wilson or J.K Rowling?

I am pretty sure that the majority of you will know both of these authors and I also know that this will probably be a hard decision. You can spread the word if you want to recruit more members on to your team by posting about this or commenting on other blogs (remember that they will need to state their side on THIS blog or it will not count, you are not allowed to enter for them). The team with the most members by 8:00pm tomorrow are the WINNERS. I am only the host so I will not be taking part. I hope you all join! Now it's time to DEBATE!

Rachel xx :)

PS: Feel free to put the Debating Wednesdays button on your blog ;) If you would prefer to keep your vote a secret then instead of commenting you can email me a booktasticreviews(at)gmail(dot)com :D


  1. I'm all for Jacqueline Wilson!

  2. J.K. Rowling, definitely! Love the button, by the way. How do you make them, , actually, cos I want to make one for my blog. Thanks : )

  3. This is the hardest question ever!! I have read nesarly all of JW's books and loved them, but I am obsessed with Harry Potter.
    JW..JKR...JW...JKR... ahhh *brain combusts*

  4. Ooo, this is a great idea for a meme! I may have to take part occasionally :D

    I'd personally pick J.K. Rowling because of Harry Potter, and I met her in London and she's so lovely.

    Although.. I did use to love JW's books.


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