Matched by Ally Condie

Monday, 3 January 2011

"Watched by SOCIETY, Trapped by RULES, Freed by LOVE?"

Seventeen year old Cassia Reyes has been brought up in a strict Society. A Society that makes all of her decisions, who she will love, what she will wear, where she will work... On the night of her Match Banquet she is matched with one of her friends and it seems like there could be no better Match but when she finds herself falling in love with another boy Cassia decides that she wants to make some decisions of her own.

"And that's when her whole word begins to unravel . . ."

Publisher: Penguin Group
Genre: Romance
Number of Pages: 366
Cover Rating: 4/5
Age Group: 13 + (YA)
Special Feature/s: Interview with Ally Condie
Rating: 3/5

Matched by Ally Condie is a hard book to review because I really don't know how I feel about it. I think it is set in the future because it has a Society, air trains etc. It took me quite a lot of chapters until I got into the book but I still found it a bit boring. Towards the very end was when I finally got right into it and wouldn't take my eyes off of it for a second. In conclusion Matched by Allie Condie has recieved an OK from me.
On a more positive note, the characters' personalities are shown pretty well through some elements of the setting (e.g. When Cassia goes to her Matching Banquet she gets to choose a dress of a bright colour. She chooses a green dress which gives us the images of her being a light hearted, quiet girl). I have two favourite characters in this novel, the first one being Cassia. I like Cassia because of the bravery she shows in sticky situations and also how caring she is towards her friends by not hurting their feelings. The other character in my favour is Cassia's original Match, Xander. He has bright blue eyes, blonde hair and is quite handsome. He is one of Cassia's best friends (even though he is her Match) and is very generous, gentle, sneaky and loves playing games.
I would reccommend this to Young Adults but I am not sure what Young Adult group would like this. All I can say is give this a try and see if you like it, or not. This would be the right time to tell you that there is a sequel, Crossed which will be coming out this year. Maybe because this book is part of a trilogy I will enjoy Crossed even better.

Rachel :)


  1. I liked Matched a lot, but I also agree with some parts of your review. For example, I liked the connection between Cassia and the green dress, and the fact that it's a bit slow going in the beginning. But, I think that the writing made up for that, because I think Ally Condie knows what she wants to say. Nice review!

  2. Thank you, it's good to hear other readers opinions :)

    Rachel :)

  3. I really enjoyed Matched (review is scheduled though :P), and I think I thought it was actually full of interesting things. I enjoyed it from the beginning, but it's probably because I really love to read dystopian novels ^_^ Great review!

  4. I got this book, for Christmas! I thought it would be interesting to see if you had a review for it, and you do! Thanks this was helpful.


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