The Hunt by Amy Meredith

Saturday, 29 January 2011
Eve Evergold has supernatural powers. The last time she used them was when her town was in the hands of someone dangerous. When mysterious happenings start to arise in her town she starts to feel that her powers are called for. What or who is behind all of this and can she stop them?
Luke has only recently moved here but Eve and him have become close. Eve sometimes thinks about Luke, is she starting to like him? Will her and Luke ever be more than friends... ?

Genre: Supernatural/Horror
Pages: 263
Recommended Age: 12 +
Release Date: 2010
Overall Rating: 5/5

I am beginning to think that Amy Meredith has no flaws. I loved this book! Meredith has truly got me glued to her Dark Touch novels and I can not wait to read the next book in this gripping series. I really recommend that you read it.
The title, The Hunt should sort of give you an idea what this book will be about. Something is hunting humans. Something that Eve would rather not think about. But when people she knows are attacked Eve starts to unravel terrible secrets. Can she along with her best friend Jess and gorgeous new boy Luke stop all of this before it is too late?
If you have not already read the first novel in Meredith's novels I strongly advise that you do. If not then you probably will not know what I am talking about right now.
A really good quality in this book is that you get to know more about the characters. A character twist (that I was hoping was going to happen) was that Eve and Luke started to think about each other in a more than friendly way.
Luke is the new boy in the town and ever since he saw Eve's powers in the first novel it had brought them closer together, but in this novel you start to see a little spark between them. Unfortunetly this book left you on a cliffhanger between them so I will need to dive right into the next book to find out what happens.
This book is also a light read. I finished in a day!

Rachel xx :)

PS: Review of the next book in this series will be up soon!


  1. Wow, this really DOES sound like a fab series! Brill review!

  2. Yeh it is! :D Thanks.

    Rachel xx :)


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