Priscilla The Great by Sybil Nelson

Monday, 27 December 2010

Priscilla is a seventh grader... a seventh grader who wants nothing but to be normal. She has an overprotective Dad, a Mum that is never there, an older brother obsessed with Christina Aguilera and two mischevious twin brothers that are always up to something. Then one day something strange starts to happen, fire starts shooting out of her fingers. Before she knows it she is in the middle of a dangerous adventure with dangerous people that a normal seventh grader shouldn't be worrying about...

Number of Pages: 276
Genre: Adventure
Author: Sybil Nelson
Release Date: December 15, 2010
Publisher: WorldMaker Media
An element I enjoyed about the book was the way the author thread in normal seventh grade problems that girls would go through (like boys, spots etc) while at the same time still obtaining the problems Priscilla had with her powers.
I also enjoyed the way that in the first couple of chapters you started gettting hints that she wasn't completely normal (and that her family weren't either).
My favourite character is Priscilla because of how brave she is. I also like her because of how opininated she can sometimes be. Another character I also like is her best friend, Tai. She is very smart and helps Priscilla alot through the book.

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