The Girls' Book of Glamour: A GUIDE TO BEING A GODDESS

Sunday, 12 December 2010
"Be confident. Be gorgeous. Be glamorous.

The tips and tricks in this book will help you reveal the goddess inside you.

Every girl deserves to live a life of glamour."

I know this book is different from all the other ones I review but hopefully you'll enjoy this little change! If you are a girly girl that would love to know how to be loved by everyone and look beautiful this is the book for you. From how to jazz up a boring ponytail to making your own lip glosses and perfumes. How to get the flutteriest lashes to how to how to convince people you are a celebrity. How to give your face a massage to how to make a door curtain. There are TONS of tips to help you become a goddess. 127 pages of it. This is a very handy book and I want to try everything in it!! The book is also jam packed with great illustrations :o)

Written by Sally Jeffrie
Illustrated by Nellie Ryan
Published by Buster Books
Edited by Liz Scoggins
Designed by Zoe Quayle

Overall Rating: 5/5
Cover Design: 4/5
Illustrations: 5/5
Recommended Age: 9+ (younger but want to read it? go ahead!)

Rachel :)


  1. This is a fabby book! I love it! I'm not a very girly girl, but I found it interesting anyway!
    Mahalia xx

  2. I agree, it's great! :D Loads of tips...

    Rachel from Booktastic Reviews.

    PS: Thank you very much for commenting!!! :o)

  3. This sounds a bit different, and it sounds like it would make a good present. Thanks for the great review!

  4. Thanks! :) Your welcome! :)



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