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Monday, 6 July 2020

Hey guys, the queen of finding book tags in which she has not been tagged (but is adamant she is doing  anyway *ahem*) is back! Are we shocked?? Hell no. Whenever I'm struggling to find the inspiration for blog posts, I always tend to try find a fun book tag. I came across this one, created by Books and Chocoholic. It looked like soo much fun and focuses on our individual reading habits. I always love finding out how everyone reads and what some of their favourite bookish things are so... if you'd like to find out how many books I read in a month, favourite romance tropes, the kinds of character archetypes I gravitate towards amongst other fun, bookish things (plus who I'm tagging), read on!

1. How many books on average do you read per month?

This really varies for me from month to month. There's been some months where I've blazed through books, some where I've only read a couple and other months where I've read nothing at all (*gasps* the horror). Lately I've been reading about 4 or so books a month.
2. How many books are on your TBR?

I don't really count books as on my TBR anymore since I used to put a lot of pressure on myself with TBR lists when I was younger. Now I just try keep my for-review books to a minimum (only trying to request books on Netgalley I really want to read, for instance) so as to avoid unnecessary stress. But if we're counting books I just want to read at some point in my life as my TBR, then really it's probably an extremely loooooooooong, never ending one.
3. How are your books organised on your shelves?

Emm, I have absolutely no organisational system on my shelves whatsoever. I'm sorry, okay, I really am but they're just kind of everywhere. I'm actually pretty sure there's books sitting outwith the rest of their series and everything. This is made funnier by the fact I'm actually a very organised person but my bookshelf is really smol and there's piles of books all over my room because of this so until I get bigger shelves, they're just going to have to stay like that, okay??
4. Which genres do you read most from?

This is an easy one. Fantasy. I love fantasy. I love everything about it and I honestly don't see that changing. It is *the one,* if you will.
5. Which genres do you own most of?

Pretty sure it's still fantasy but I do own a lot of literary fiction and classics from my time studying English literature as well so maybe that too.
6. Which is your preferred form of reading (physical, audio, ebook...)?

I would never have thought I'd say anything but physical copies growing up but, I have to admit, I do tend to fly through ebooks. I don't know what it is but I can read an ebook copy of a book much quicker than if I had a physical copy of it. Don't ask me how, I'm pretty sure it's sorcery. As for audiobooks, I don't really know if they're for me, granted I've only listened to the Series of Unfortunate Events audiobooks on youtube (which I LOVED) but still...
7. Who is your most owned author?

Ahh, that's a hard one. It might be Cassandra Clare, I've got the entire Mortal Instruments series and Infernal Devices trilogy so wut, 9 books?? I chucked out a lot of my books a good few years ago where I would probably have had a lot more books of the same author.
8. Describe your favourite writing style?

Okay, so I'm not really one for flowery prose. I'm a very world, plot-driven reader so my attention tends to waver if a book has a very outdrawn, flowery writing style or spends *a lot* of time on descriptions. I can appreciate that the writing is good but my attention will honestly wander at the slightest thing. *facepalm* So to-the-point writing with sufficient descriptions that still immerse me in the world for me please!
9. Which literary devices do you like/dislike?

Literary devices I like would probably include prologues and epilogues (when executed well and with relevance!!), first/third person stories (multiple POVs usually need to be in the third person for me or I struggle to settle) and I love symbols in stories. I also like short chapters. Literary devices I don't like would include second person narratives and mixed media like emails. I don't mind letters usually but anything else, I don't really like it. I also don't really like flashbacks, particularly if the flashbacks are like a few pages long or even a chapter in length... gaahh, please no!
10. Which character archetypes do you enjoy?

Okay, you can fight me here, I give you permission. I really, really love the snarky tortured bad boy (who's secretly kindhearted and misunderstood). I'M SORRY OKAY, I can't help it! I fully blame my obsession with Will Herondale from back in the day. I also love the hero archetype. Not necessarily the chosen one - I've kind of moved on from that now - but the hero who really doubts their abilities and has to come to terms with their flaws but finds a way to pull through and show the world what they're made of. I also really like the Warrior archetype.
11. Which are your favourite book settings?

Mountains. Pretty much any sort of cold, snowy, dangerous climate. Sort of that medieval feel as well... I pretty much fall for it every time.
12. Which are your favourite romantic and plot tropes?

ENEMIES TO LOVERS! ENEMIES TO LOVERS!! I just love it alright! Or falling in love with the enigmatic, mysterious, powerful prince, I really like that for some reason. I pretty much love the whole prince and princesses thing. I love court politics and fellowships too - give me a group of distinctive, lovable, complex characters coming together to form complicated, heart-warming bonds any day!! Also mythical animal companions, they're pretty cool.

Okay, so that was such a fun tag, I honestly had such a blast doing it! I'm going to tag Finn from Evidently Bookish, Sarah from Kindofinsanity Books and Kaylee from Reading Through the Wardrobe.

Until next time,
Happy Reading!!

What are some of your reading habits? Do you like some of the same ones as me or completely disagree with me?


  1. Ohhh thanks for the tag! Also love your answers, for most of them I'll reply the same. �� Fantasy is definitely "the one" for me as well ��

    1. No bother - hope you have a lot of fun doing it! Yay, it's so cool we have similar tastes! Fantasy is my absolute fave. <3

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. I am a lover of fantasy as well. I think are bookshelves would look similar. My issue is I want to organize them in too many different ways that I can't decide. I like to do it by genre, but then I also want to do it by specific tropes. Then alphabetized. How do I decide?

    1. I think I'm just lazy in all honesty, but I'm blaming the lack of space I have, haha! Books are just everywhere!!

      Thanks for commenting, Nikki!! :)

  3. Enemies/rivals to lovers is THE best romance trope haha and that Will Herondale obsession? SAME (I don't think it ever really goes away haha.) This is such a fun tag! And I can enjoy flowery writing on good days but sometimes I just need something direct otherwise it draws me right out and I won't concentrate haha

    1. YES. I just love it! Omg yes, Will Herondale - he will always hold a special place in my heart! Yeah, I can definitely appreciate it but I have a butterfly mind half the time... *facepalm*

      Thanks for commenting!! :D

  4. This is such a fun tag! Really loved your answers 💜

  5. Love it! I like finding tags I haven't been tagged in and doing them anyway, too.

    1. I can't help it - they're just too much fun! Thanks for stopping by!


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