My No. #1 Underrated Book Recommendation!

Friday, 19 December 2014
I'm really in the mood to spotlight one of my favourite books right now and, heck, I'm going to do it! Though I love this book to pieces, when I think about it, it makes me just a little bit sad. Why? It is so underrated. There aren't many people out there that have read it - not enough, anyway! - and I really feel like everyone is truly missing out on something. This book, to me, is incredible. I really want it to get the recognition it deserves!

Also, since Christmas is coming up, you could always just add it on as a last minute addition to your Christmas list (pfft, your parents won't mind!) or use some of the money you'll receive from relatives to buy it!

The book in question?

Welcome to Tamarind, where fish can fly, pirates control the waters, jaguars lurk, the islanders are at war, and an evil, child-stealing enchantress rules the jungle. Thirteen-year-old Maya, her younger brother, Simon, and her baby sister, Penny, have just landed their boat here after a terrible storm washed their parents overboard. After spending their entire lives at sea, it's a relief just to be on dry land. But Tamarind is unlike anything Maya could have imagined - a place both magical and terrifying. Now Maya will be lucky just to make it to tomorrow.

I can't help but feel so strongly about this book. I seriously just want everyone to buy it. If you love being fully whisked up and immersed in a completely different world full of endless possibilities and a breathless adventure, read this. It is literally the definition of a hidden gem. It's priceless and amazing and fast paced and entrancing and perfect.

Do NOT be put off by the fact Maya is 13. She does not come across as that horrible childish character.

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. This book seems amazing. :)

    Ivana @ Bookish Teens

  2. Rachel~! It's been too long, haha! Finally the holiday season, and I am open to all recommendations! If a book makes you feel this strongly, then it must really be something special :) It's always lovely seeing someone rallying for a book that they think is truly amazing and underrated. I'm making a trip to the library in a day or two, so I'll look out for this one!

    1. I'm planning on getting a lot of reading done this holiday!! It'd be perfect if you found this book at the library but I don't know if it's the type to be found there! Hopefully you'll find it elsewhere if not at the library though - I really want you to read it! ;D

  3. This book sounds so magical! If I ever see it, I'm definitely going to give it a go! There are so many books I feel are underrated; there should be more spotlighting like this!

    -Sophie :)

    1. It is, it really connects with your imagination and the adventurous child inside of you! I hope you find it somewhere! & I'm thinking of doing more posts like this where I spotlight an underrated book! ;p


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