The Bedtime Book Tag!

Friday, 31 October 2014
So I was browsing away on Youtube when I came across the Bedtime Book tag (click HERE to see the original video and creator). It was posted up not too long ago so I'm not sure if someone has already brought it to the bookblogosphere or not, but it looks like a whole lot of fun and I want to make sure it's brought to the attention of book bloggers and not just booktubers!

Without further-a-do, on to the questions! *squeals*

1. What book kept you up all night reading?

My memory is rather shocking so I can't really remember what books I've read during the night (though there are many and a few I'm pretty sure were recent *facepalm*) but one that I can put my finger on totally because I did not just search for books I've read late at night on my blog is Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon. I read it a couple years ago and loved it.

2. What book made you scared to go to sleep?

I'm pretty sure The Boo Hag by David Morgan and The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson had me freaking out when I was lying in my bed with the light turned off.

3. What book almost put you to sleep?

There's one book that really stands out to me for this and that's Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. I just couldn't get into it at all. The storyline wasn't the most action-packed, the characters were... alright but, the biggest thing? The pacing! It was so slow. Just not for me, I'm afraid. However, I know a lot of people who LOVED it.

4. What book has you tossing and turning in anticipation of its release?

The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard has peeked my fancy (releasing in January of next year). Also, Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (the first in her new series) releasing September 2015 and Rogue Wave by Jennifer Donnelly releasing January 2015!

5. What book has your dream girlfriend/boyfriend?

The Infernal Devices books. Will Herondale. Should I go into it? Yeah, why not! He's strong, courageous, great with words, loyal, sarcastic, witty, romantic and just a little flawed.

6. What book world would be your worst nightmare to live in?

Probably the world in The 5th Wave. I know I like my solitude sometimes, but I actually like human contact and interaction and not being scared that aliens are going to send another wave out that's going to kill me.

7. What book cover reminds you of night time?

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence does a little bit.

The shadows on the cover sure add to the effect but I also think the atmosphere this cover gives off is rather night time-esque.

8. What book has a nightmarish cliffhanger?

Insurgent by Veronica Roth certainly has a big cliffhanger! And A Million Suns by Beth Revis certainly has a huge cliffhanger too. (Still haven't got on to Shades of Earth! Can you believe it?!)

9. What book have you actually dreamed about?

I've had two bookish dreams that I can recall. One was during the time I was reading Wither by Lauren DeStefano. In this dream, just after I woke up and sat up in bed, Linden came in and sat on the edge of the bed and talked to me. It was so strange! My room in the dream was my real room - so I seriously wondered if I hadn't dreamt it and it had really happened. The other dream I can remember was Harry Potter related. Of course. The dream started with me running down the stairs in my school. I couldn't have told you, at the time, why I was running, but all I knew was I needed to get away. I was throwing myself over the railings to land on the floor below and, when I got to the bottom, I bolted for the emergency exit. I started sprinting across the playground but Bellatrix Lestrange (the entity I realised I was running from) appeared outside the emergency exit and started sending lightning bolts across the ground at me. The last thing I can remember is jumping up to avoid the bolts clipping my heels and then my legs slowing down because they couldn't run any longer - I was too out of breath.

My dreams are usually pretty scary if they're like this because I'm awake in them. I control my actions and where I go and what I do and, sometimes, I'll change the location of my dream, but I don't usually think to do that when I'm running for my life. :3

10. What book monster would you not want to find under your bed?

I certainly would not want that... thing from The Boo Hag under my bed. Or one of those Grievers from The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

I now tag Sunny from A Sunny Spot, Francoise from My Crazy Bookish World, Hawwa from It Was Lovely Reading You, Fi and/or Zoe from Books for Birds and Rita from Weaving Pages!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. This looks like a fun tag to have done. My answer for question 1 would be Playlist for a Broken Heart. I was up till 2am reading it :)

    1. It was loads of fun to do! Oooh, I've not read that one - I'll need to check it out! :D

  2. Awh, this is such a cool tag c: And I've always wanted to read The Red Queen!

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