The British Tag!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Okay, so I've been tagged by Amber (The Mile Long Bookshelf) and Holly (Lost in a Library) to do the British tag. Now, we all know how I love my tags, so let's get right down to it!

How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars?

None. I don't like tea. Off to a great start, eh? I've tried a few cuppas, each with a different combination of milk/no milk, sugar/no sugar but, each time, I react the same way:

Favourite part of your roast?

YES, here's a question I like. My favourite part is definitely the mashed potato (especially if it's my mum's homemade)... followed closely by the Yorkshire puddings.

Favourite dunking biscuit?

My favourite biscuit is probably a digestive. The kind with the layer of chocolate on top. But I don't dunk it into anything, I just eat it the way it is in all it's delicious glory.

Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

Reading, probably. If that's quintessentially British, anyway.

Favourite word?

Whimsical (for its meaning), translucent (for its gorgeous 's' sounds) and equinox (cause it sounds so damn magical).

Cockney rhyme slang?

I know none. *headdesk*

Favourite sweet?

I like a lot of sweets. Like, a whole lot. I was a veggie for so long and, even though I don't eat proper meat (and probably never will again), I eat sweets. Yes, it's confusing when I have to tell people this. I've come down to classing myself as a 'non-strict vegetarian' to save everyone the hassle. Anyways, off topic. My favourites include Haribo, fizzy strawberry/apple laces, fun gums, rainbow belts and rainbow twists.

What would your pub be called?

The Dusky Pony. Or The Weeping Dragon. But probably the first one.

No. 1 British person?

Lily Collins (she half counts, right?) and Emma Watson. Lily is just so inspiring and has such a great outlook on life (follow her Instagram, you'll get what I mean) and Emma Watson is just Emma Watson. Any explanation needed?

Favourite shop?

I literally only found out about this shop on a school trip last week. I can't even remember the name of it but it's a little (and when I say little, I mean little) hidden book shop with stacks and stacks and stacks of books, and at really cheap prices. It's actually about full to bursting with books. You can barely make your way through them and, if you pull out one, a whole load are sure to fall on top of you. They're everywhere. On the shelves, stacked in front of the shelves, balancing in piles, stacked on stacks... I love it.

What British song pops into your head?

The only song that literally pops into my head when I think about Britain is Caledonia (the Leon Jackson version). Not as much British-y as it is Scottish-y. But my brain can literally think up nothing else. -.-


Never tried it.

I know I'm pretty late on the band wagon with this, so I'm not going to bother tagging anyone specifically. But if you haven't been tagged yet and want to do this, I tag you!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. Lovely post Rachel! I also just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting a writing contest on my blog! (



  2. You've already seen this on twitter, but I'm so glad that Amber and I have found another person who doesn't like tea. WELCOME TO THE CLUB!
    Whimsical is a stunning word. :)

  3. Even though I'm not British, I have to agree with with a lot there. I love mash potatoes, especially the homemade kind. (I didn't even know you could get a pre-made ones!) Digestives are the best! I don't know what makes it so yummy but gosh I love them. Nice choice of words...I'll have to remember them for future use. Marmite...yuck! Vegemite is only for me.

    1. Mash potatoes and digestives are just... *eyes glaze over* *drools* Not tried Vegemite either, just the names scare me off alone! :3

  4. I don't think you're British really. YOU DON'T KNOW ANY COCKNEY RHYMING SLANG? WHAT RACHEL. WHAT. But potatoooeessss and yorkshire puddddings and also TAKE ME TO THAT BOOKSHOP IT SOUNDS LIKE MAGIC.
    EMMA WATSON. You're right, no explanation needed.






    [admittedly I used to dislike it but now I LOVE IT.]

    Don't do the idiotic non-british thing of trying marmite on IT'S OWN. Hello? No-one eats it like that,



      What would you recommend I have it with/on? ;p

  5. The gif of Sheldon is 110% me. I just want to like tea so badly but alas that isn't happening any time soon..


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