Mini Reviews: Silent Saturday & The Elites!

Monday, 5 May 2014
Okay, so I am FINALLY getting around to reviewing these books. So saying, I have only been meaning to read and review these books for about a year now. *groans* Thanks to Lucy's UKYA readathon, I was finally given the motivation I needed to jump right in so, today, I have two mini reviews to share with you all.

Author: Helen Grant
Edition: Bodley Head Proof
Released: 4th April 2013
Series: Forbidden Spaces Trilogy #1
Pages: 408 approx.
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Seventeen-year-old Veerle is frustrated with life in suburban Brussels. But a chance encounter with a hidden society, whose members illegally break into unoccupied buildings around the city, soon opens up a whole new world of excitement - and danger.

When one of the society's founding members disappears, Veerle suspects foul play. But nothing can prepare her for the horror that is about to unfold when an old foe emerges from the shadows... No one is safe, and The Hunter will strike again...

I'm really not too sure about how to express my feelings for this book. It really isn't the typical sort-of book I'd pick up, but neither is it like anything else I've ever read. It's one of those novels that you can appreciate. The writing has an almost beautiful quality to it and I found myself unable to put the book down, even though the plot line wasn't as strong as I would've hoped. The storyline differed from what I was expecting and I didn't really get the reason behind what drove the Koekoeken (the 'hidden society') to do what they did. I just couldn't help but feel it was unjustified. I also wasn't too sure of the romance. It didn't feel genuine to me but, at the same time, it didn't bother me. To put it simply, Silent Saturday was an entertaining read, just not one of my favourites.

Author: Natasha Ngan
Edition: Hot Key Books Proof
Released: 5th September 2013
Series: No, standalone
Pages: 368 approx.

Hundreds of years into the future, wars, riots, resource crises and rising sea-levels have destroyed the old civilisations. Only one city has survived: Neo-Babel, a city full of cultures – and racial tension.

Fifteen-year-old Silver is an Elite, a citizen of Neo-Babel chosen to guard the city due to her superior DNA. She’d never dream of leaving – but then she fails to prevent the assassination of Neo Babel’s president, setting off a chain of events more shocking and devastating than she could ever have imagined. Forced to flee the city with her best friend Butterfly (a boy with genetically-enhanced wings), Silver will have to fight to find her family, uncover the truth about Neo-Babel and come to terms with her complicated feelings for Butterfly.

So I started this one last year and ended up putting it down. It's been so long now that I can't even remember why. But I am so glad I can finally say I've read this. I found it to be an enjoyable read, all things considered. The world building was certainly my favourite aspect of the whole book. It was so incredibly unique and thought out. I felt like I was inside the world during the time I was reading it. I was completely immersed in Neo-Babel, I was a citizen. I actually can't applaud Ngan enough for the fantastic world, it blew me away. I will admit, though, Silver annoyed me. Just the way she acted and the things she said... It just irritated me like nothing else. Especially her reaction and following actions after that thing that happened to Butterfly. I just ended up not really liking her, which did affect my overall enjoyment of the novel, unfortunately. Butterfly was a likeable enough character but it was the incredible world building that ended up being the reason I enjoyed this book.
Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. Such a shame Silent Sunday was missing something for you but at least it managed to keep your attention. I read The Elites a while ago and I really enjoyed it, really unique. I liked Silver but I can get what you mean about being whiny. Great reviews :)

  2. the elites seem to look like one of the books i read a while back, wood angel or something?

    anyway, it looks super good, and given the chance i'll jump straight at reading it!

    great post!


  3. Lovely mini reviews, Rachel ^_^ Short and sweet ones are always a pleasure to read every now and then. Too bad Silent Saturday fell a bit flat, but glad you enjoyed both of them. Sigh.. I know it's tough when a certain character is annoying, but it's good that the world-building made up for it :) And look at that gorgeous cover of The Elites!! #coverappreciationmoment


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