Divergent Week: Initiation Begins!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014
GATHER AROUND INITIATES! It's time you get your initiation tests. There will be a selection of tasks you can ALL do and a selection of tasks for initiates in each faction to do. You can do as many or as little as you like and, after you've completed a task, you simply shoot your faction leader an email (you will hopefully have heard from them by now and have access to their email address) letting them know which task you've done (with evidence that you've actually done it) and they will start keeping track of the points you receive! At the end of the week the points will be totalled for each faction and the winning faction will be announced! Without further-a-do, here are the initiation tasks!

General tasks that everyone can do!
  • Put both buttons (the general 'Divergent Week' button and your faction button) on the sidebar of your blog or, if you don't have a blog, wherever you can put them on. You can find the different buttons at the bottom of this post! - 10 points.
  • Make your social media profile pictures an image to do with Divergent (whether it be a movie still, movie poster, book cover etc) - 2 points per profile picture.
  • Write a post (which can be on your blog, tumblr, goodreads, other suitable websites etc.) about what you're looking forward to seeing most in the movie (if you haven't seen it already) or what you liked most in the movie (if you have seen it) - 20 points.
  • A 'Why I Love Divergent' - the book - post - 30 points.
  • Fan fiction - which can be a scene in an alternate point of view, a scene expanded... anything under the sun really! Just make sure if it's going to include a spoiler from the book you warn people! The minimum word count for this is 400 words and you can post this on your blog, tumblr etc. - 50 points.
Tasks for Abnegation:
  • Do some housework without being asked - 10 points.
  • Leave a note in a copy of Divergent in a library/bookshop saying why you love being in Abnegation/what you admire about Abnegation - 10 points.
  • Donate some things to a charity shop. This could be books, old toys, whatever! - 10 points.
  • Buy something from a charity shop/donate some money. We're not asking you to spend much, maybe pick up a little something! 10 points.
  • Make an Abnegation poster. This could be a quote from Abnegation, something from the manifesto... The possibilities are endless! 10 points.
Tasks for Amity:
  • Leave a note in a copy of Divergent in a library/bookshop saying why you love being in Amity/what you admire in Amity. 10 points.
  • Make an Amity poster - can be about anything Amity! 10 points.
  • Carry out a random act of kindness - the possibilities are endless with this one too! 10 points.
  • Make a little present for one of your best friends - can simply be a little card/drawing/origami bird/cupcake, again the possibilities are endless! 10 points.
  • Go on a blog commenting spree - you should comment on at least 10 blogs! 10 points.
Tasks for Candor:
  • Make a Candor poster - a quote, drawing of a Candor character... anything Candor related! 10 points.
  • Leave a note in a copy of Divergent in a library/bookshop saying why you love being in Candor/what you admire about it. 10 points.
  • Do a completely honest review of a book/movie on either your blog, Tumblr, YouTube, Goodreads etc. 10 points.
  • Recommend a book to a friend that you honestly think they’ll love. 10 points.
  • Spend a day telling absolutely no lies – not even white lies. 10 points.
 Tasks for Dauntless:
  • Do something you would usually be scared to do (this could simply be going on the bus, whatever you're a little nervous about! Please, oh please do not go jumping off trains or parachuting off a skyscraper)! 10 points.
  • Go somewhere new (again this could simply be a little cafĂ© etc)! 10 points.
  • Make a Dauntless poster - again this could be on anything Dauntless related! 10 points.
  • Leave a note in a copy of Divergent in a library/bookshop saying why you love being in Dauntless/what you admire about it. 10 points.
  • Talk to someone new (this could be someone in your class, club, even a little old lady waiting to cross the street - please do not approach someone shady ;3)! 10 points.
Tasks for Erudite:
  • Play chess/scrabble/Pictionary - something that requires a little bit of thinking! 10 points.
  • Make an Erudite poster - on anything Erudite related; a quote, a character drawing etc! 10 points.
  • Leave a note in a copy of Divergent in a library/bookshop saying why you love being in Erudite/what you admire about it. 10 points.
  • Research something you’re interested in but don’t know too much about - provide a few points on the subject in your email to the faction leader/somewhere on your blog etc. 10 points. 
  • Watch a documentary and do a little review on it - on your blog, tumblr... whatever floats your boat! 10 points. 
PLEASE PROVIDE EVIDENCE WHERE YOU CAN - THROUGH A PHOTO, A LINK ETC. We do still want this to be relaxed and fun so we won't get on your back if you can't - we trust that you won't cheat. ;P Remember this whole week is just for fun anyway! :D ALSO, faction leaders CAN take part in the tasks and win points for their faction. Disclaimer: myself and all the other faction leaders have not prepared any of the posts that could win us points already - we're not cheats! ;P

The cut off date to complete tasks is Saturday the 5th at midnight.

Here is the general 'Divergent Week' button as well as all the buttons for the different factions you can put up on your blog for points! :D

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: Good luck! I hope you all survive Initiation! ;D


  1. Button up! Let's do this thing. Amity for the win.

  2. ughhh i need to finish the books so bad! everyones talking about it but i havent finished so i cant join in and ughh this looks so good!


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