Initiates, Sign Up NOW! [Divergent Week]

Thursday, 27 March 2014
So myself and my friend, Catriona (Through a Cat's Eyes), are rather obsessed with Divergent and, since the movie is set to release in the UK on the 4th of April, we've decided to do a 'Divergent Week' from the 31st of March until the 6th of April. Basically, we're not going to let you into too much right now but we can tell you that the entirety of next week will be full of Divergent-y goodness (hopefully!), in celebration of the film's release!

However, we can let you in on one thing. We're going to be recruiting initiates from here until Saturday at midnight, and this is where you come in. We want you to be an initiate! Fill out the following form (aka. the Choosing Ceremony!) and you will be assigned a faction which you will be able to win points for by partaking in tasks (or Initiation Tests, as we like to call them) next week. This is all for fun so there won't be any prizes for the winning faction (except a button for your blog most likely!), we're basically just looking to get people excited about Divergent!

Please fill out the form honestly (so we can sort you into the faction that would be best for you)! We are in no way Veronica Roth but having reread Divergent a few times, we're hoping we kind-of know who will fit in where. Let me stress again, this is all for fun - it's in no way sponsored, we are just spreading the love of Divergent! :D

You don't have to have read the book or have a blog to fill out the form and become an initiate (though, admittedly, it will help you for some of the tasks)! :P
We're hoping to generate a lot of excitement and would be grateful if you spread the word about Divergent Week! You can use the hashtag #bloggersdodivergentweek, we certainly will be! We also have a button you can put up on your blog! *wink wink* ;P

Happy Reading,
Rachel AND Cat xoxo

PS: We're hoping this sounds fun?! ;D


  1. Love the idea of this, so clever! I'm usually put in Amity so it'll be interesting to see what faction I get put in. So excited for the film, I'm going to the premiere on the 7th.

  2. I want to join this, and I'm going to, but I'm nervous! I've gotten Candor in every single quiz I've ever taken and I know that's what I am.. So, I really hope I get put there. :D

  3. OOOOh can't wait to see my results. I actually have no idea what faction I'd be in. I'm so pumped for the movie, you cannot believe how many times I've watched the trailer!

  4. Sounds like fun! :) Every quiz I've taken has said I'm Amity, so I'm curious what I'll be this time. ;)

  5. This sounds so fun! Awesome idea!


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