Divergent Week: Welcome, Initiates!

Monday, 31 March 2014
So the Choosing Ceremony has come to an end and we have our faction initiates! I can now reveal that Holly (A Day Dreamer's Thoughts) is the faction leader of Abnegation, Cat (co-creator) is the faction leader of Amity, Fionnuala (Books for Birds) is the faction leader of Candor, I am the faction leader of Dauntless(!) and Charli (To Another World) is the faction leader of Erudite. The initiates in each faction are as follows:

Just in case the graphic isn't clear enough... In Abnegation we have: Ruby, Saira, rabidfairy, Orli and Priyanka. In Amity we have: Sunny, Erika, Amber, The Magic Violinist and Manda. In Candor we have: Samantha W, Ashley, Iris, Hagar and Denise. In Dauntless we have: Z, jack da cabbaehj, Sarbi, Maiya and Sam. In Erudite we have: Francoise, Ellen, Ella, Kayla and Vicky.
Your faction leader will be emailing you shortly so you have access to their email address for task purposes but, since it's your first night, you get a night off to explore your new living area and initiation begins tomorrow (in other words, the tasks you can win points for doing will be revealed tomorrow)! ;)
I thought I could use today's post to explain a little more about what Divergent Week will entail for this blog and also why I chose to be the faction leader of Dauntless. As we already touched upon last week, the purpose of Divergent Week is to generate some excitement for the film's release in the UK and to simply just showcase our love for the novel! Throughout the week myself and Cat will be posting up some Divergent related posts as well as, hopefully, some of the initiates (*wink wink*) so a corner of the blogosphere may be going a little Divergent crazy *crosses fingers*. ;D
So I, me, Rachel, was going to explain why I feel Dauntless is the faction for me but, instead, Cat's stepped in to tell you why she thinks I belong in Dauntless:
I think Rachel suits Dauntless perfectly because she is the most daring, adventurous person I know.
She literally cannot sit still, always has to be outdoors and you can't go to her house without her
pulling you up a tree or pushing you down a hill (seriously). I've known Rachel for years and I can
honestly say that she's made me more adventurous and made me realise that being outside can
actually be quite fun. Rachel is always up for trying something new and nothing ever seems to
bother her - I really admire this. In my opinion, Rachel is the epitome of Dauntless.
So that's all for today's post, guys! I'm seriously so excited for this week and I hope you all are too! xD
Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: You can check out Cat's post on her blog HERE - her post explains a couple more aspects of Divergent Week in more detail! :)


  1. This is so exciting!

    I wasn't expecting to get Abnegation, but I'm pleasantly surprised about it. :) I don't know if I'm a calm/selfless person, but it's definitely something I strive towards being. Plus, Abnegation is definitely the most underestimated and underrated faction so we need to change that! Not to mention the fact we knew Erudite were bad from the beginning… sooooo we're awesome, 'nuff said. ;D

    Eeeek can't wait to get started! This is going to be amazing, I can tell. :)

  2. That's amazing! I always thought I was Candor, but I might take a test just to make sure...

    Ivana @ BookishTeens

  3. Yay for Divergent Week! Really looking forward to seeing more posts :D

  4. ABNEGATION? i am disgusted. :P i wear BLACK not grey and i am not a self-less person [ehem]. i'm calm..sometimes..i think you got it wrong tbh :P *jumps into pit* although YAY I'N WITH RUBY

  5. Yaaaay so excited! This was such a great idea and I was curious to see what faction I'd get in. i don't now whether I'm smart enough to be Erudite but I still love knowledge.

  6. Woah, I never expected to get Candor! I can be bluntly honest, to the point of almost insulting, so yeah, perhaps you got me right, haha!
    Can't wait for the assignments to begin, so exciteeeed! :)


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