Interview with Author, Kat Zhang!

Monday, 16 December 2013
I have a super exciting post for you all today - an interview with one of my favourite authors, Kat Zhang! I LOVED the first book in her Hybrid Chronicles series, What's Left of Me (review here) and am hoping that getting to know her and her books a little here will convince some of you to try it out!

First off, could you tell us a little about yourself and your (flipping amazing) book?

Aw, thanks, haha. I'm Kat, and I wrote the Hybrid Chronicles, which currently consist of WHAT'S LEFT OF ME and ONCE WE WERE, with Book3 to release in Fall 2014. The Chronicles are about an alternate universe, where everyone is born with two souls in one body. Usually, by the age of 4 or 5, one of these souls naturally fades away. But this doesn't always happen. The people who keep both souls are called hybrids, and they're feared and hated by society.

Eva, one of these "recessive" souls who should have disappeared, spends the series first fighting for the ability to even regain control of her body, then for the right for hybrids to be recognized and protected, instead of institutionalized and killed.

Where did the unique idea of two souls sharing the same body come from? Was it inspired? Random?

I suppose it was pretty random. I don't really have any one spark of inspiration! I just started wondering what it would be like to be stuck in your own body, conscious, but unable to control it. Or what it would be like to know the "little voice" in your head was a real other person.

Do you prefer Eva or Addie? Why?

I can't really say I prefer one over the other! They're very different people, and they'd probably have a lot of conflict, even if they were just normal sisters. Sharing a body definitely raises the stakes for them! 

If you could jump into your book, where would you explore first?

Hm...well, on a basic level, the Hybrid Chronicles world is much like our own. If I dropped you in the middle of the Americas, you probably wouldn't notice too much different from the United States in our world at first. Then you might start wondering at the slightly lower level of technology...computers are much one has cell phones..etc. 

I think if I could jump into my book, I'd explore the world beyond the Americas...but it's a bit spoiler-y to say why :P

If you could be any character from any book in the world, who would you be and why?

I'd have to be pretty cliché and say a character from the post-Voldemort Harry Potter world, haha. But really, it would be pretty awesome, no?

Do you have a special place you like to write in? Any necessities you need whilst writing?

I like have peace and quiet when I write, but other than that, I don't have any specific needs. Writing during school meant I learned to write pretty much anytime and anywhere I could!

Finally, are you currently working on any other books you could tell us a little about?

Nothing I can talk too much about yet, but since I've finished writing all the Hybrid Chronicles books, I'm currently working on a YA fantasy. It's in early stages, though :)

Quick-Fire Questions

Favourite animal? Hmmm...some kind of falcon, maybe
Favourite colour? White
Favourite holiday spot? Someplace warm and beach-y, but with really clear water...snorkelling is always fun :P
Favourite weather conditions? If I'm going to be out, I'd like fair skies and warm weather and a light breeze, but if I'm going to be cooped up inside anyway, pouring rain is nice :P I love a good thunderstorm.
Favourite hot drink? Tea, coffee, I'm not picky :P

Huge thanks to Kat for letting me interviewing her and providing us with great answers!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. Lovely interview! I adore the concept of What's Left of Me - really must find myself a copy one of these days ;)

    1. Thank you - glad you enjoyed reading it! If you've fallen for the concept, you'll probably fall for the book! I adore it - and the unique storyline is just one of reasons why I do!

      Thanks for the comment, Maya! :D

  2. Brilliant interview! Like Maya, I think the concept of Whats Left of Me sounds great, and I've seen it EVERYWHERE recently. I must read it soon. ;)

    Yay for falcons! xD

    1. The book really does live up to the concept portrayed - I hope, if you do read it, you enjoy it!

      Thanks for commenting! ^_^


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