What's on My Bookshelves?

Thursday, 9 May 2013
A few days ago I put up a poll asking if anyone would like to see a 'Bookshelf Tour' and, to my surprise, quite a number of you did. So, here I am today - several photographs later - to show you my most sacred collection. Here we go!

just click on the picture to see it larger! ^.^

So, as you can see, I did try to decorate it up a little with an assortment of bookish things I've acquired over the years. There's the Eragon dragon book plates that came in the review books I got which pulled off from the spine. Anna Dressed in Blood book plates that came with a giveaway I won a few months back. A signed photograph from Cathy Cassidy which hangs proudly in the centre, and a bunch of random bookmarks on the second top row. I'd also tried to organise my books by the colours of their spines - rainbow style - but it didn't really work out well considering most of the spines were practically the same colour! :')

So, yes. It was a short post today but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! I tag YOU to to a 'What's on My Bookshelves' post!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. Great post!! I really enjoy looking at people shelves and seeing what titles and how they organised them. I love that you have a signed Cathy Cassidy photo, so jealous. My bookshelf is hardly a shelf at all, I can't get to the bottom two and there quite scattered, books everywhere :)

  2. Ooh you have well organized book shelf!! It's nice that you decorated it :) I don't have books that many though cause I just got into reading last year but it's definitely growing! I agree with Sunny that my bookshelf doesn't really look like a bookshelf haha :D

    Btw, have you seen Allegiant cover???

  3. Nice bookshelves :) I tried organising my books by colour once, but there's loads of multi coloured spines and it all just got a bit too difficult for me :'( ;D

  4. I LOVE your bookshelves, Rachel! *fangirls* You have really nice book swag and I recognise a few of my favourite stories on there. Mine aren't really that organised - I just keep series and authors together. I love to resort them though :')

    Thanks for sharing, Rachel! :)

  5. Ooh, I love your bookshelf Rachel! Mine isn't as greA as yours. I'm jealous! :D

  6. They look great and I love that you also used book swag to decorate them too. Thanks for sharing, I'm so nosy, I love looking at other peoples books and how they sorted them.

    BookishTrish @ Between the Lines

  7. Oooh they're so pretty! *Steals all your books*

    I've just moved bedrooms, so I don't have bookshelves up yet... When I organise them, I'm definitely going to do this tag! :)


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