Review: Requiem

Friday, 10 May 2013
Author: Lauren Oliver
Edition: Hodder & Stoughton Paperback
Released: March 21st 2013
Series: Delirium #3
Pages: 352 approx.

**SPOILERS! Do not read synopsis or review if you have not read the first two books in this series, Delirium and Pandemonium!**

Battling against a society in which love has been declared a disease, Lena now finds herself at the centre of a fierce revolution. But the Wilds are no longer the haven they once were as the government seeks to stamp out the rebels. And Lena's emotions are in turmoil following the dramatic return of someone she thought was lost forever...

First thought? This has been a lovely series. Admittedly, not my favourite, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Oliver has created a vision of the future which is most definitely thought-provoking, introduced characters that have developed well throughout the trilogy and her style of writing is delicate and beautiful and perfect to escape into. So I'm extremely glad I decided to pick up these books.
To begin with I wasn't sure whether or not I would settle into the alternating chapters between Lena and Hana's POVs but, to my surprise, I did - and really enjoyed it! It got to the point where I was always looking forward to Hana's chapters! It was so interesting to catch up with her after her procedure (and also that thing you'll know about if you've read this book or the short story, Hana) and see how it affected her. The way Fred treated her was disgusting! I constantly wanted to slap him when he was horrible to Hana! I really admired her when she helped Grace out. I'm happy Lena's cousin made a re-appearance because I just adored her in this book!
Lena, Lena, Lena. Where to start with you. Yes, you're one tough cookie and I love you for it, but did you really have to keep snapping at Julian? He was nothing but kind to you the whole time and you'd always take out all your rage on him. Why, Lena? WHY? Never mind, I'm not too angry since I didn't really connect with either Julian or Alex in this book. Some of you will know that I wasn't too big of a fan of Alex in Delirium (didn't really connect with him) but that I did actually really like Julian in Pandemonium. I just don't know what it was in this book but Julian just appeared clingy and Alex just plain bothered me because I didn't think he had that great an excuse to be as horrible as he was. I do think Julian should have been treated better by Lena though.
Despite the love triangle which didn't really draw me in, I did still enjoy this book. Lauren Oliver's writing style is beautiful and it really involves you in the story. Though a little more action wouldn't have been out of the question for a concluding book in a series, it was a book that made you take a step back to really think. I recommend this series to you if you one, like dystopian, two, like romance and three, if you like the sound of it. A lot of people have expressed how unsatisfied they felt with the ending but I didn't mind it so much. Maybe that's because I'm not a die-hard fan of this series though. So, overall, a great series! :)
Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo
PS: If you've read this series, what did you think of the ending? Just curious. ;)


  1. Aw, I haven't read Pandemonium so I can't read your review. :'( I'm sure it is amazing though. I looked at the rating and I'm glad you enjoyed it even though it could be better.

    I have Pandemonium on my TBR pile so I must read it soon! Ahh!! Once I have read it, I'll come back and read your review :)

  2. Glad you liked this book, like you say it wasn't the best series out there but it was certainly a good, well-written one that makes you think.

    I quite liked the ending too, I liked how it was ambiguous but you still had an idea. I went to a signing with Lauren Oliver and she said she started out writing fan fiction because she didn't want her favourite books to end and I think that's completely reflected in Requiem. Hands down, I would choose Julian in Lena's position.

  3. Oh I'm trying hard not to read your review! xD Anyway, I'm gonna read Requiem soon so yeah... maybe I'll read your review after that :)

  4. Great review, I really want this! Lena sounds annoying in this book :/


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