Review: The Elite

Thursday, 23 May 2013
Author: Kiera Cass
Edition: HarperCollins Paperback
Released: April 23rd 2013
Series: The Selection #2
Pages: 323 approx.
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**Review SPOILER FREE for both books in this trilogy!**
America Singer is one of THE ELITE and Prince Maxon only has eyes for her.

If she wins the competition for his heart, she will leave her pre-destined life for a world of luxury. But the outcome is less than certain; the threat of rebel violence just beyond the palace walls is escalating into war and bitter rivals are ready to take her down.

And as America's feelings for Maxon grow stronger, ex-lover Aspen waits for her in the shadows. Where do her loyalties truly lie?
One sentence to sum up my relationship with this book? MY FEELINGS ARE COMPLICATED. Never have I liked a book and yet found it so frustrating at the same time. There were both good parts and bad parts to this novel though, honestly, I did find more things to my disliking than I would have preferred. However, let me stress that I did enjoy this book! Just not as much as I expected. So if you're ready for a ramble, sit back, relax and read on! ;) 
To start off on a good note, here are some parts of the story I did enjoy. ONE, I really like Marlee's character. She is so strong (especially after what happened to her!) and a great friend to America. When her *secret* was revealed, I was completely shocked! I hadn't suspected a thing! TWO, I really like America's maids and the relationship she has with them. She doesn't treat them like their nothing (like some people *draws daggers at someone in particular*) and actually talks with them and laughs with them because she sees them as friends. THREE, we do actually get some more glimpses of the Rebels and find out a little more about them. Plus, we also get some action scenes along with them! Though I'm still curious as to find out more about why they're doing what they're doing.
Now, here's where the rambling starts. Oh, Maxon! You are one infuriating - and I mean, infuriating - boy! You're always going on about how you'll give America time to think about what she really wants and how you'll wait for her and then you go and do that! Why, Maxon? WHY? Then you want America to trust you? Really?! I wouldn't be fully trusting you either, mate! I know America ain't the best at opening up to you but that is a bit extreme! However, I guess I can't dislike you too much since America's sort-of doing the same thing - though not as bad. I do like how you're standing up to your dad more! Keep doing that! That King needs to get taken down a peg or two! Then there's you, Aspen. Why you so persistent? I might warm up to you more if you just leave America alone and stop confusing her! But, alas, I doubt it will help you any. Even with all the things you've done for America and how Maxon's sort-of making me want to slap him, I still want Maxon and America to be end game. So maybe you should, y'know, give us some space? So Maxon and America can sort through stuff. Thanks!
You probably all think I'm mad but... what can you do? ;) Anyway. Although I still feel the love triangle is more of the main story-line than anything else and neither boy is impressing me much, I did still enjoy this book enough that I can't wait for the final book in the trilogy, The One. Though I was also near enough shaking America at the beginning of the book for jumping between each boy like the ticking of a clock, I ended up settling into it more and more as it progressed. Personally, I liked America's character but I really hope she gets some more of a backbone and chooses who to be with early on in book three. As for Kriss? I'm not sure what I feel about her as a character. And don't even get me started on Celeste *glares*. So, overall, taking everything into consideration, The Elite was still a good book. If you liked book one, read it!
A big thank you to HarperCollins for sending me out a review copy of this book!
Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. I totally agree - America and Maxon were both frustrating for a bit in this one. I was totally team Aspen when I first started the Selection - but now I've completely switched sides and am firmly team Maxon <3 So hopefully now Aspen will stay out of the way for a while so we can get this thing started! haha

  2. Please Kiera Cass No! I loved Maxon, he isn't allowed to be a ass. God I hate that stage in badly done love triangles were the girl jumps from boy to boy. It's very frustrating. So many people have felt dissapointed with The Elite :( gah.

  3. I've been seeing a lot of mixed reviews for The Selection, so I've been trying to stay away from it, especially since the first review I read was a really negative one, so I've banned myself from it lol. But I'm glad tht this series isn't letting you down too much so far. Maxon and Aspen both sound so infuriating as well, especially with what you described them to be doing. I kind of want to start this series just to see what both of them do to tick you off other than the basic things you outlined. Great review!!

  4. I haven't read the first book but planning to start it someday. Hmm, it's a shame that the romance takes over the entire storyline, especially if both love interests are frustrating (lol, I'm reminded of Requiem xD). But anyway, I'm glad that you still liked it.


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