Blogger Guest Post: My Favourite Places to Read!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013
Hey all! Today I have the lovely Maya from The Book Nook on the blog for a guest post in which she'll be telling us all about her favourite places to read. It's a great guest post so I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I do! Afterward, you should all head on over to her wonderful blog and give it a follow! :)

my book nook!
My all time favourite place to read in is my book nook. It's a cupboard under the stairs containing an armchair, a small desk, a book case and, of course, hundreds of books. Only some of the books actually fit in the book case, and so most of them are just in piles along the walls. (Oh, and there are also two 3-week-old chicks in here at the moment - but that's a different story.) I'm allowed to draw on the walls on here, and I've also pinned up some book cover posters and a world map. The desk is not so much as a board of wood which has two piles of books underneath it as legs. It isn't very high up so I sit on a cushion on the floor and use the 'desk' to write at. I love it in here; it's so cosy and I love having all my books close to hand.
me reading in my book nook!
Another nice place to read at is my kitchen table. When I have breakfast, I'm usually the only person at the table (on weekdays my mum and sister are up earlier than I am and my brother up later, and on weekends I'm always the first one up) and I always sit down with my book to eat. At the weekend, I often sit here for at least an hour and it's really nice first thing in the morning.

where I like to go 'ralking' ;)

On warm days, I like sitting on the bench outside my house to read. When I do this, a cat will invariably come padding along and decide that my lap would be a great place to have a nap on.
Another thing I enjoy is going for walks, and sometimes I take a book with me to read and walk at the same time. I have yet to come up with a name for this activity - 'ralking' just sounds strange.

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: Where do you like to read? :)


  1. Maya's book nook looks great! My shelf is even messier xD I could see a copy of The 5th Wave... (Really want to read that :( ) Sometimes I read while I eat too. I never read a book while I walk cause I think it's a bit dangerous though... I usually read on my desk or on my bed. Sometimes I read at school at breaktimes too :)

  2. Yes, I always make sure there are no cars on the paths where I read and walk! The 5th Wave is great, but I can't believe we have to wait an entire year for the sequel :'(

  3. first. OMG YOUR SOO PRETTY! second OMG ITS LIKE HARRY POTTER ALL OVER AGAIN! but at least you are in there because you want to be. third. I LOVE YOUR BOOK NOOK! sadly i don't have one. :(( we don't have a cupboard under the stairs. *sobs*. fourth. omg haha i think 'ralking' sounds good! :D
    great post guys. :D x

  4. Hawwa's right: you are so pretty! Really great idea for a post! I love your book nook! I just read wherever. :)

  5. I love your book nook! I wish I had a room like that or a library. I mostly read in my room, but I also read when eating breakfast! It's really annoying when I get to a gripping part and then have to go to school.

  6. Great Post! You're so pretty :) I wish I had a book nook, I have a bookshelve that is blocked by all of these things. So I could go for a book book right now. I guess I'm not really picky about where I read, just as long as I have a book in my hand. I like to read in comfortable and calm places, although there aren't too many quite places in my house! Hehe

  7. I wish I had a book nook! You're so lucky Maya! :)

  8. Bahaha ralking I actually love that name, like, hardcore. And sitting at the breakfast table kind of sounds like such a perfect way to start the day my mom refuses to let me read while eating breakfast so you're so lucky!

    Fantastic post!


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