Follow Friday #9

Friday, 5 April 2013
Hey everyone! I really want to do a post today but since I don't have too much time to spare I thought a Follow Friday post was in order. Plus, I haven't done one in a while! :)

Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee. Every week there are two featured blogs and a fun question to answer, so head on over to join in!

Qu: Have you ever read a book that you thought you would hate? Did you end up hating it? Did you end up loving it? Or would you never do that?

The only book that comes to mind for this question is Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. I was sent this book as a surprise review book a while ago now. I didn't actually think it looked like my sort-of thing when I first read the back of the book but I decided it was only fair to give it a go because the publishers had graciously sent me a copy. When I read it I was, in fact, proved right. I really didn't enjoy it - I just had no patience with the slow pacing or the writing style. However, so many other people LOVED it and I don't even know anyone who thinks about it the way I do!

Have you read this book? Did you love it or end up not enjoying it like me?

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

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  1. never heard of this book but sounds good

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  2. Heard of that one but never read it myself! Didn't really get interested in it by the description or anything, but that's usually how it goes!

    I get review books like that too, but I've long since stopped forcing myself to read them. And a majority of the time the book is like nothing I would read in the first place. It might have some paranormal elements, but the storyline doesn't do it for me. Or it's a paranormal romance. Or they send my book 4 in a series I haven't even read!

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  4. Oh yes, I've heard a lot of positive things about Seraphina but haven't read it myself. Sometimes it's good to know that there are people out there who don't like a book, because no book is perfect! Hopefully you find someone else who feels the same way though because sometimes feeling like the only person who doesn't like a book makes a person feel like there's something wrong with them. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you. Not at all. We're all perfectly sane in the book blogging world ;) New follower via GFC!

  5. I was also sent Seraphina, a long time ago now, and can remember reading about 1/4 of the book and then giving up. I struggled with the slow-pacing and massive amount of description. I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who thought this! Everyone else raved about just how amazing the book was, and I felt like I'd read a different novel entirely!

    Great answer to this weeks question, Rachel. If I wasn't already following you, I would be now :)xxx

  6. I'm so glad that you ended up liking Seraphina! I have yet to pick it up but will definitely do that soon!

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  7. Oh my God HI FIVE RACHEL AND JESSICA. I thought I was like, the only person in existence that didn't like Seraphina! Glad to find out there's others like me ;D

  8. This is such a great feature! Great answer, Rachel :) No books really come to mind, but I have had some pleasant surprises in the past. It is a shame Seraphina didn't work for you! :( x


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