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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Hey everyone! Today I've got something a little different for you all - I've decided to spotlight a fellow teen blogger and aspiring writer! Yasmin is a lovely person and a rather talented writer based on what I've read! A little while back she sent me an excerpt of one of the books she's currently writing, under the working title, Escalation and has very graciously allowed me to share a little of it on this blog today!

~ ~ ~
Footsteps. Praire stopped in her tracks, pricking up her ears. She held her breath, shifting her on concentration on whoever, or whatever, it is that was tracking her movements. As she paused, she heard the sudden pacing clumsily getting grips of its self and waiting for her to make her next move. Whoever you are, you are pathetic at stalking. She took a few steps forward, determined to trip her shadow up. She listened for the continuation of the footsteps behind her, which delivered. Distinguishing such hefty steps splashing into the puddles wasn’t complicated, albeit the heavy pitter-pattering of the rain. The dragging in the feet was distinct; she knew one person who carried such feet beneath him. Plus, he didn’t have a propensity for discreetness or subtlety.

She spun around on her heel and briefly scanned the scene before her. Behind a dumpster, a shadow was splayed across the street, displaying the vague shape of a hooded figure ineptly crouching down quickly. She rolled her eyes. She crossed the road to the tea café beside the dumpster and sat herself down on one of the tea chairs assembled. It was damp beneath her behind, but she chose to take no heed to it. Better out of the rain than in it, she figured.

“Your stalking skills are appalling, Marco.” She bluntly said, directing it to her follower. She saw his shadow rise from behind the dumpster like a building being erected from rubble. His gargantuan size couldn’t be mistaken for anyone else on these streets. His appearance reminisced of a vigorous and wealthy boy that had lost his dignity to the bad side of town: rugged, sturdy, reasonably priced clothing that had just been washed recently and a pristine pair of shoes. “Wait, tell me again, how have you survived on these streets?”

An unmistakable, crooked grin spread across Anton Marco’s face as he walked over towards her, hands fumbling in his jacket pockets, as though he was struggling to keep hold of an important and valuable delivery stuffed in his pockets. After all, he was a delivery boy and a messenger. There was no way of knowing what he held with him. But, whatever it was, it almost never held high significance. He wasn’t all too trustworthy or reliable or careful enough to carry such things. He shook the water out of his hair and stepped under the canopy to sit himself beside her. “Don’t give me crap about my stalking skills.” He reached into his bag and drew a package from it. “Lucy buzzed me just now. Told me to give this to you to take it to wherever she is.” He left the package atop the table and folded his arms, watching Praire as she examined the parcel. It was brown, wrapped scrappily (Marco’s trademark) in a rectangular shape and stamped on one side with big, black, blocked letters: ‘15’ and two spears that cross to make an X behind the numbers.

This was the mark of the black market in Sector 15.

~ ~ ~

How good was this excerpt? Let me answer for you. It was amazing! Yasmin is definitely talented at writing! I'm already really intrigued as to where this storyline could possibly be going and the main character, Praire, is very mysterious and you easily want to know more about her. I'm also really intrigued by the relationship between Praire and Marco... is there something worth noting between them? Oooooh, I'm just so intrigued by everything! If you would like to see more of Yasmin's works along with book reviews (etc), then check out her blog, Bootiful Books. Go and share the love by leaving her a comment and following! ;D

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. I actually really like this excerpt! I'd love to beta-read this one or critique it, because I've got some ideas on how to make it even better. But the concept is fantastic and I'm intrigued to see as where it goes.

    Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. What an exciting and very intriguing excerpt! Normally excerpts never really grab my attention, but this one really held on to my interest and I enjoyed every paragraph! I have a bunch of questions about what happens next! Like you, Rachel, I can't help but wonder if there's something between Praire and Marco...a little romance is always welcomed on my bookshelf!

    Thank you so much for this unique post, Rachel! And thank you Yasmin for sharing your writing with us. It's very professional and I would love to read more from you! :)xxx

  3. Wow, that is AMAZING! I am definitely going to buy a copy when this book is published ;) I will go to her blog now. Thanks for sharing, Rachel! :) xx


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