Review: On The Day I Died

Friday, 21 September 2012
Author: Candace Fleming
Edition: Corgi Books Paperback (early copy)
Release: 27 September 2012
Series: No, standalone
Pages: 191

You over there -
come a little closer.
Closer still; 

there's no need to be shy.

We have tales of terrors beyond your wildest nightmares; stories of monsters, madness, the dark and the dangerous. The dead have voices, and we need to be heard.

Settle down, sit tight.
We're going to be here all night.


Before I start my proper review, I need to point out a little something about this book. On The Day I Died is a collection of short stories within one story. Now, I know that barely makes any sense so I'll try to make what I'm saying a tad clearer. The book starts off with Mike, a teenage boy rushing home late one night as it's past his curfew. After a series of 'events' leads him to a graveyard, he meets a group of ghosts who, one at a time, go on to narrate the story (in first person) behind each of their deaths.

One thing I pride myself on is that, given the chance and if the book appeals to me, I will read a horror/paranormal/ghost book. I love scaring myself silly with horror movies so I suppose that's why I don't mind so much with those types of books. However, I will warn you in advance; do not read this book after your family has gone to bed! It's not terrifying as such - it is recommended for eleven year olds and up after all - but if you have an overactive imagination (like myself) then every creak upstairs turns into the boogeyman coming after you! ;3 

Each of the stories were unique and likeable, but if I were to pick a favourite, it would probably be either Gina's or Evelyn's. Admittedly, those aren't the creepiest stories (Johnnie's probably wins that round) but, for some reason, I really enjoyed them. The ending to Evelyn's story, although sad, was a little touching too. As was Lily's. But I'd be here all day if I were to go into detail about each one. Instead I'll just tell you that each narrator has an individual voice and an unusual story to tell. You'll want to read this book first-hand to know where I'm coming from though! ;) And just to intrigue you even more... I hope you get your happy ending, Lily!

Oh yes, another thing that might interest you. Each of these ghost stories contains a little truth. At the end - in 'A Note from the Author' - Fleming goes on to tell us facts about the parts of each story that were based on the truth. It's actually really interesting as where this book is set, Chicago, is where Fleming lives. For instance, White Cemetery (the graveyard this book's set in), is just outside of her city! But enough of my rambling.

So with Halloween just around the corner, On The Day I Died is the perfect read for after your trick-or-treating. ;) With unique, unusual stories and a bunch of individual, different voices, this book would be perfect if you're stuck in the house bored. Even though it's not made it into my favourites, it's still a likeable read. If this appeals to you, go for it - it'll only take a few hours out of your time anyway! :)

A big thank you to Random House for sending me out this book to review!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

Let's Talk: Re-reading!

Saturday, 15 September 2012
Hey everyone! Before I start on my (very overdue) discussion post, I want you to read this. ―――――――――

Did you read it? Great, thank you. Now we can start! (:

~ ~ ~

If I'm honest, I don't re-read alot. It's not that I'm against re-reading or anything. I only ever go to re-read a book if (1) I suddenly have a need to read it, (2) I'm trying to avoid a reading slump or (3) I want a comfort read.

There are those who love re-reading, those, like me, who'll re-read on occasion and then they are those who just don't like re-reading at all. My mum, for instance. She's never re-read a book (if you exclude the books she had to study for school, of course). Even if she absolutely loved a book, she won't re-read it for the simple reason she wants to start a new book.

Though I can see where she's coming from, I don't mind re-reading at all. But I didn't just make up this post to talk about reading preferences, I set it up so I could share some past re-reading experiences with you.

I'll start with the Harry Potter series. I've read each of those books over and over! Since I practically only used to read those books (no joke!), I suppose you could say I took comfort in them. I easily got lost in the world J.K. Rowling created and forgot about my own. I'd re-read those novels so much that (when I was younger) my friend and I would quiz each other on the books/movies determined to see which one of us knew more. Even though I'm an utter HP geek, I certainly had my work cut out for me. He knew quite a lot! Who was the overall HP champion you ask? Well he would say it was him, but I would say it was a draw. ;) I'm not sure how I'd feel about them if I started re-reading them now though. Whether I'd still love them, or get a bit bored as I'd already read them so many times.

Next there's Matched by Ally Condie. The first time I read that book, I only liked it. But the second time, I loved it! Wierd, right? Well to make it even wierd-er (totally a word!), the same thing happened with it's sequel, Crossed. Didn't like it first time (even had to put it down), liked it second time. Hopefully I won't have to give Reached (the final book) two shots, cross fingers I'll like it enough the first time. We'll see! :)

And finally there's the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVED that book (plus the rest of the trilogy) the first time. But when I started re-reading it last night because I suddenly had a need to (probably brought on by the DVD which I've been watching quite a bit this week...) I didn't enjoy it as much. Sad times. I did still finish it though since I read it for hours on end but... I just didn't love it as much. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like I hated it the second time, I was just pretty distraught it didn't have the same affect on me as before. And get this, even Peeta didn't have the same affect on me. I even started wondering about Gale! Hmmm, strange.

Oh, and I don't want to forget Divergent by Veronica Roth. Loved first time, loved second time. That is certainly one amazing book! ;D

~ ~ ~

Now it's your turn! Anything else to add? Do you like re-reading? Only on occasion? Don't like it at all? Have you ever had the same experience I did with a book? Loved first time, not so much second time? Vice versa? Anyone and everyone welcome to comment and share their thoughts - what's a discussion post without discussion?! And don't worry; I LOVE long comments! ^.^

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: Happy Belated Roald Dahl Day everyone! xD
PPS: Away to catch up on some comments/tweets etc!

EDIT: Anyone know how to reinstate a NavBar? Mine has gone completely! :(

Review: The Forsaken

Tuesday, 11 September 2012
Author: Lisa M. Stasse
Edition: Orchard Books Paperback
Released: August 2nd 2012
Series: The Forsaken #1
Pages: 426


Sixteen-year-old Alenna wakes up in the worst place on Earth: alone on an island infested with warring tribes of feral teenagers.

If she wants to escape, she must make the impossible choices. Join or battle the evil Monk? Fight or fall for Liam, the boy she's drawn to?

Abandoned. Exiled. Forsaken.
Alenna's fight for survival starts now.


Ever since the author of this book contacted me to spotlight her book trailer, I'd wanted this book. It looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Just from reading the blurb, don't you agree? I should think so! Well now that I've read it, I can tell you all just what I thought!

I'll start off by saying I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I mean, it was a dystopian! And I just LOVE the dystopian genre! This is probably one of those books that all Hunger Games fans would love - it's an adventurous, unique page-turner. I just adored the plot! Ahh, don't you just love fresh, unusual storylines for dystopian books? I certainly do!

The only slight, teeny-weeny, itty-bitty thing I would point out is that there is a bit of an insta-love. But I actually loved Liam - the love interest - so that didn't bother me all too much. He was just so swoon-worthy! And, of course, there's the heroine of the story, Alenna. She fit perfectly for the story and her narration kept me hooked. She was brave, strong and fit perfectly for the story. And also went through a great character development. Another character I enjoyed (and found quite comical at times) was Sinxen. But I'll leave it at that you can meet him for yourselves! ;)

Overall, The Forsaken was a great debut from talented author, Lisa M. Stasse. I am definitely excited to see where book two, The Uprising, will take us. Since it's coming out in 2013, however, I have a long wait. I'll miss Alenna and Liam for sure. :( So with some great characters and a fresh take on the dystopian genre, The Forsaken was a really enjoyable read which I can easily recommend! :)


Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: I actually prefer this cover over the other one now. Up close, it has an almost pastel/chalky quality. :)

Interview with Book Blogger, Ria (PLUS Update)!

Sunday, 9 September 2012
Hey everyone! Today I've got an interview with the one and only Ria from The Beaucoup Review! She is a lovely book bloggy friend of mine and her book blog is one of my favourites! You should definietly go check it out! :D

~ ~ ~

Hey, Ria *waves*! Welcome to Booktastic Reviews!
I'm so pleased to be here! Booktastic Reviews is one of my favourite blogs.<3

First off, can you give us a couple of fun facts about yourself and your blog?
Hmm, we're both Directioners?(; A fun fact... I'm a nerdfighter? John Green and his brother Hank introduced a new community, the Nerfighters. You guys should all sign up if you love John Green books, and even if you don't! They vlog to each other every day [other than weekends] about random stuff, which proves very entertaining. (:

What is your favourite thing and least favourite thing about book blogging?
My favourite thing is meeting all the lovely bloggers who run such amazing book blogs [such as you and Booktastic Reviews!]. And also the opportunity to discover hundreds of new books and authors, who I probably wouldn't have heard of if I wasn't involved in book blogging. My least favourite thing is having zero inspiration, and feeling your review or post isn't as good as it should be. ):

How would you describe your reviewing technique?
I wish I had a technique, but really I just type everything I felt whilst reading the book, and after, then hope that my thoughts have managed to come out structured! I also spell check before publishing, the amount of silly mistakes I make is unreal. -_- Sometimes I find that I've repeated myself, and sometimes I just droan on for too long-- in which case I read over what I've written and try to delete some bits.

If you could travel to any fictional world, where would it be and why?
Ohmygosh. Harry Potter. I'm not even a huge Potterhead, but who could say no to that?! To Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and the Room of Requirement? I would also love to visit Panem and all the districts in The Hunger Games... Though that would prove very dangerous. It would be so amazing to be amongst people who are so different, though! Oh, and also the world Lauren Oliver built in Delirium. It would be so different fro everything I know!

If you could meet any YA literacy couple, who would they be and why?
Ooooooooooooh... Peeta and Katniss from The Hunger Games, Alex and Lila from Hunting Lila, Alex and Lena from Delirium, Hazel and Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars [best book ever].<3 Oh, and do John and Sherlock count?(;

If you were to go to Hogwarts, what classes do you think would be your favourites? Why?
I think I would love Transfiguration, but I'd be afraid of Professor McGonagall! I'd also really like to learn how to fly. And Defence Against the Dark Arts always sounds interesting. I would lov to go to Hogwarts, full stop!

Which superpower would you like to have? Why?
Invisibility. It would be so cool to walk around without people knowing you're there! It would make a lot of things MUCH easier. Harry's cloak would be handy.:P

Any tips you have for book bloggers?
Um, for new book bloggers? I guess to build up connections, as in Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. And always share the comment love, to let people know that the work they're putting in is being appreciated! I actually love reading other people's book blogs. [Some may call it stalking.] (:

Quick-Fire Questions:

Favourite colour? Red, purple, pink!
Favourite animal? Dog, penguin, hedgehog, elephant, monkeys [I actually love practically all animals. Other than the horrible ones. Like rats, aligators, crocidiles, sharks, etc.]
Favourite weather? You know when it's sunny, but with a nice breeze? Yeah. :D
Favourite school subject? English lit and Geography. French is fun, too.
Favourite author? ... I could give you a HUGE long list, but in short I would say John Green, Lauren Oliver and Cat Clarke.

Thanks so much for answering my questions! :D
Thanks so much for having me!

~ ~ ~

Isn't she just lovely?! Now all you have to do is skip on over to her amazing blog and follow! ^.^

Now for the update! And I bet you can guess what it's about. SCHOOL! Ughhh. Anyway. This school year holds the first ever exams for me! *starts crying* And because of this there has been a big increase on the amount of homework. So since I will be dedicating quite a lot of time to studying/homework, Booktastic Reviews will probably not be updated as much as usual. I'll try my hardest to post whenever I can but I don't know if I'll be able to post my usual every other day. But we'll see! This is just a little note to tell you if I appear to be unusually absent from commenting and blogging, I'll be doing school-work! :(

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

Rise of The Infected: Author Guest Post & Giveaway!

Saturday, 8 September 2012
Today I've got the other half of author, Monique Morgan's cover reveal tour for Rise of The Infected! Following is a guest post by the lovely author and then a giveaway! Enjoy! :D

If you missed the first half of the tour stop (the cover reveal and excerpt), click HERE to see it! :)

~ ~ ~

Strong Female Characters

All of my books have one thing in common. They have a strong female lead character, who is extraordinary in some way. River Black, my newest femme fetal, is no different.

River has been raised in a futuristic time period, where each day is a survival. She breaks the norms of her society taking on a fighting role. She has one true love, and that is weapons. River has known how to shoot a weapon almost as soon as she could walk. Her small frame is agile and tough, and she has lived her whole life chasing through the forest and hunting prey.

All of this is the norm in a society where automatics are the norm, and human life a commodity, aprofitable one at that. River has been prepared for what will be coming, a world where the only thing that will keep her safe is her ability to put a bullet in the head of an infected, as well as her enemies.

River Black breaks convention in a strong male dominated society of survivors. She pushes against any hindrance to her quest, breaking through each barrier without a second glance, until eventually there are none.

River’s personality is a combination of many characters. Her name is a homage to River Tam from Serenity. In my mind, there has never been a more gracefully deadly female character. Her long swooping form is the epitome of extension, her kicks powerful and precise.

There is nothing like deadly potential matched with beauty.

~ ~ ~

What a great guest post, right?! I don't know about you but I LOVE strong, kick-ass heroines! I bet you River will be a great character! :)

Now on to the giveaway! Up for grabs is signed cover photos of Rise of The Infected and two of Morgan's other books, Pursuer and Dreamer, a signed Rise of The Infected bookmark and an e-copy of the book when it is released on October 31st 2012! Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below to be in with the chance of winning! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

More about the book...

River Black lives in a world where only the strong survive. The earth has changed to a brutal climate and the survivors will do anything to live. The eastern continents unleash a biochemical weapon on their enemies, and directly onto River’s world. She will have to leave her quiet existence in the forest and venture to the slaver fortress and further beyond, into the deepest part of the surviving cities. If she doesn’t die first, or rise infected…

Find out more at! :)

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

Review: Pushing The Limits

Wednesday, 5 September 2012
Author: Katie McGarry
Edition: Mira Ink eBook
Released: August 3rd 2012
Series: No, standalone
Pages: 416 approx.

No one knows what happened the night Echo Emerson went from popular girl with jock boyfriend to gossiped-about outsider with "freaky" scars on her arms. Even Echo can't remember the whole truth of that horrible night. All she knows is that she wants everything to go back to normal. But when Noah Hutchins, the smoking-hot, girl-using loner in the black leather jacket, explodes into her life with his tough attitude and surprising understanding, Echo's world shifts in ways she could never have imagined. They should have nothing in common. And with the secrets they both keep, being together is pretty much impossible.

Yet the crazy attraction between them refuses to go away. And Echo has to ask herself just how far they can push the limits and what she'll risk for the one guy who might teach her how to love again.


**WARNING: If you loved this book, you may feel like punching me after my review. All I ask is that you don't. Thank you. :)**

This is a rather hard review to write as I'm not completely sure what I feel toward this book. It's not that I hated it or anything, but I didn't love it either. I'm sitting somewhere awkwardly in-between. Oh well... maybe writing this review will help me figure it out.

I think I'll dive straight into the criticism first. When I was given this book I was both excited and a little hesitant. It didn't sound like my type of book, but at the same time, I didn't want to pass it up as so many people had been bragging about it! The one thing that made this book a bit of a let down (for me!) was that it didn't connect to me emotionally in the way I wanted. I was hoping for the same feelings I'd had with Entangled (by Cat Clarke) to be the same for this book. But, unfortunately, that just didn't happen. It's not that I think it wasn't touching or anything - it was! - it's just that I would have liked to have been more affected by it (if you get what I mean). However, there was one situation in particular that really connected to my emotional side. And that was how Noah was trying to get custody of his younger brothers. That was just so... touching! But, yeah. I suppose since it didn't have that overall extra quality I was looking for, I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have... Oh boy, I really don't think I'm explaining this very well! :3

However, you will be glad to know I did like the characters! Echo was strong, brave and admirable (very admirable)! While Noah was the stereo-typical bad boy with much more to him - who you can't help but love anyway. Both had such terrible past experiences that you couldn't help but empathise. And the relationship they built was really sweet. They definitely suited each other! Sidenote: Noah has some good chat-up lines! ;) Oh, yeah! And as already mentioned - I loved, loved, loved Noah's brothers, Jacob and Tyler! They were just brimming with adorableness! ;D

So I don't really have that much more to say, I suppose. Overall, I did enjoy it don't get me wrong (!), but I would like to have connected on a more emotional-level to it than I did. I still would recommend it (you'll probably love it more than me since I can get quite picky) but I really do want to get across that I did still quite like it!

Big thanks to Mira Ink and Netgalley for my eCopy!

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: Get Evan Burl and The Falling by Justin Blaney for Kindle/Kindle apps now! Just click HERE to get it for free! Be quick - it's only free for today! :D I've already downloaded it as it looks a-mazing!

PPS: Sorry for writing a review that sounded mostly negative! But do you know that way when you just don't know how to word your thoughts? This review is one of those times! :3

Rise of The Infected Cover Reveal and Excerpt!

Monday, 3 September 2012
Hey everyone! Today I'm taking part in author, Monique Morgan's cover reveal for her up-and-coming book, Rise of The Infected. I absolutely love the sound of this book, and if it's just as good as the excerpt... well it's going to be AMAZING!


Coming October 31st 2012
Author's Website

River Black lives in a world where only the strong survive. The earth has changed to a brutal climate and the survivors will do anything to live. The eastern continents unleash a biochemical weapon on their enemies, and directly onto River’s world. She will have to leave her quiet existence in the forest and venture to the slaver fortress and further beyond, into the deepest part of the surviving cities. If she doesn’t die first, or rise infected…


Aspen was the first to speak, all of us still slightly in shock at what we had just witnessed.

“We have to clear out the house. I don’t know if all of them left, or if some of them got in, but we have to know for sure,” he said, the urgency in his voice clear.

“I’ll take upstairs,” I responded immediately, wanting to get a familiar perch from above, and recalculate our current situation.

The fire still burned in the pit in the entryway, illuminating the three of us as I walked up the curved stairs. I quickly lost sight of them, the wall turning smoothly into a hall. The hallway was covered in shadows, the dying embers of fire pits casting light through the open doors of the rooms.

“Hello,” I called out weakly.

I didn’t like the idea of going blindly into each room, possibly ambushed at any moment. It would be better to draw them out into the hall, and cut them down as they ran towards me.

I waited, my body tense and fluid at the same time, ready to spring if needed. But nothing came. I spoke louder a second time, my ears straining as my voice traveled down the hall. Once again nothing came out of the rooms and I walked forward, entering each one and searching every corner, my rifle always ready.

A few were bedrooms, which I frowned upon. It was a bad omen to have bedrooms aboveground. It was obvious that the townspeople had become lazy. I entered one more room that was a study, a desk crammed into the corner, covered in books. Even in the most stressful situation, I found myself becoming excited at the plethora of reading material that was before me. It was rare to see one book, let alone dozens.

The last thing in the hallway was the stairs leading to the final floor. Once again I walked the smooth curve of the stairwell, the stone giving off a sense of protection, although it would do nothing to help me if I was attacked by the infected.

It was dark down the long hallway, only one room at the far end giving any light, the rest of the doors closed. Once again I called out and waited, keeping my eyes on the farthest room. I was greeted only by the sound of my own voice.

Taking a breath, I pushed open the closest door, holding my gun out in front of me. I knew the moment I stepped in the room that I was not alone, there was a presence in the room, a presence in turmoil. I could almost hear the chaotic thoughts, trapped and angry. I knew when I heard the low animalistic growl, that I had walked into the room of one of the infected.

My shoes slipped on the floor as I walked towards the sound, a trail of blood beneath me, as though someone had dragged themselves to the door and shut it. I walked around the bed towards the continued hissing, expecting the creature to come sprinting at me. But it remained in the corner. I walked closer, and finally saw white gleaming eyes as it stared at me, a hideous grin on its face.

It was a woman, or what was left of a woman.

These rooms were bare compared to the extravagant rooms below. I could only imagine the ones belowground. Logic would say that they belonged to servants, possibly even slaves. It was clear that even with the thick window covering the rooms would quickly get hot during the extreme heat. It would be torturous to be forced to live up here. On a beautiful day like this, they had all probably had their windows open, the first to succumb to the plague that had been dropped upon us.

I almost tripped over the two severed legs that were littered on the floor. It looked like someone had taken an axe to them, and the brutality of the scene shocked me. Instead of dying, the woman’s wounds had almost healed, the blood stopping its flow.

The growling increased as the woman dragged herself by her arms towards me. Her mouth had started the rabid chomping that seemed a telltale trait of the infected. Bloody fingers reached for me, just as I lifted the rifle once again and placed it to the woman’s temple, pulling the trigger with a quickly flick of my finger.

I took a closer look at the carnage around me, the bloody legs and the limp body of the infected woman. “Yup, looks like a Zombie to me.”

I wiped the blood from my boots in the hallway, leaving a creepy trail of red footprints. There was one more room before the open one at the end, and my hairs rose as I pushed open the next door. I was greeted by silence, the room empty. Even the shutters were closed, and from the dust on the furniture I could tell it had been some time since anyone had been here.

I moved back out into the hall and walked towards the last room, the light was not coming from a burning pit but from an open window, the sun shining into the room. My trigger finger tensed once again, concentrating on everything in front of me. The first thing I saw was the bed, covered in blood. Another servant was there, axe marks evident on her body.

But this one was clearly dead, its head lying a few feet from the body.

“I doubt you will be getting up,” I said, and that’s when I realized there was someone else in the room.

It was another woman, her hair dark and her clothes fine. She was not some servant, but a mistress of the house. She was young, not much older than I was, and she carried an axe that dripped blood onto the floor as she stared at me.

~ ~ ~

OHMYGOSH, how amazing does this book sound?! I'm away to add it to my wishlist right now! And don't think this is all I will be posting about this book! There will be a guest post by the lovely author and a giveaway up sometime later this week! ;)

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

Showcase Sunday #13

Sunday, 2 September 2012
Showcase Sunday is a meme hosted by Vicky over at Books, Biscuits & Tea where we showcase all of our recent book grabs.

Dead Time by Anne Cassidy (library)
The Iron Witch (The Iron Witch #1) by Karen Mahoney (bought)
Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore (bought)
Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry (for review, a big thank you to the publishers and netgalley!)
Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls #1) by Maggie Stiefvater (library)
The Host (The Host #1) by Stephanie Meyer (library)

Sorry about the lack of writing in this post - in a rush! I've already read Pushing The Limits, but that's the only one. The rest I'm looking really forward to reading though! (:

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

Review: Pegasus and The Flame

Saturday, 1 September 2012
Author: Kate O'Hearn
Edition: Hodder Children's Paperback
Released: February 1st 2011
Series: Pegasus #1
Pages: 344


When Pegasus crashes on to her roof, 13-year-old Emily's life becomes that of legend: epic battles, desperate chases, captivating flights astride the beautiful winged-stallion and one heroic quest to save Olympus before its Flame is extinguished... for ever.


This book is amazing! I really can't say much more than that. I LOVED it! Even though it might look more like a middle-grade novel, I'm sure all ages could read and enjoy it as much as I did! It had a brilliant, unusual storyline, outstanding and individual characters and everything was perfectly executed and tied in very cleverly. I managed to finish it after only a few hours because it was that good!

If I could give more than five stars, I would! I honestly don't get why this book's affected me so much, but it did! The Pegasus myth is barely used in books so you could say I was very relieved to leave behind all the Persephone-based books I'd been reading! Now I can safely say the Pegasus myth is my absolute favourite! But don't just think this book revolves around Pegasus, the whole of Olympus is involved!

Emily, one of the main characters, was very well-done and easily likeable. Even though the story was done through third person, I still connected and understood her. She was admirable, kind, loving, caring, brave and willing to do whatever it took. I can't think of anyone more perfect than Emily could have been! And of course, I also adored Pegasus! He cared so much for Emily - it was really quite adorable! So it wasn't difficult for him to soon become my favourite Olympian. There's just such a vast range of characters in this book to know and love! And most even had their own back stories too!

O'Hearn's writing style was so engrossing and enticing, it didn't let me go! I literally didn't stop reading until the final page was turned. She has a great ability to write action scenes that are easy to follow and managed to pull off a very powerful and emotional ending. And not only did she write chapters focused on the one character and storyline, she alternated between two! Emily's and Paelan's (an Olympian). She very skillfully managed to intertwine both of their stories together. And even though at the start you don't think you'll like Paelan after what he did, you can't help but warm to him as he begins to develop. He soon became one of my favourite characters!

Overall, Pegasus and The Flame was amazing! It had great characters, a unique and very addicting storyline with a brilliant myth and a very skillful writing style. The ending has definietly left me wanting more and I can't wait to continue this series! Unfortunetly I haven't managed to find the sequel, Pegasus and The Fight for Olympus yet, but I won't be giving up anytime soon! I really recommend you read this, I'm sure all ages could love it!

A HUGE thank you to Hachette for sending me this book to review! :D

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: Just curious: do any of you have a favourite myth/olympian? I'm pretty sure you'll have guessed mine is Pegasus by now. ;) Oh, and before I forget! Sorry for the lack of posts (and comments!) this week, school's been pretty hectic! :3