Winner of a Signed Copy of Angel Dust!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012
Hello everyone!

Last night the giveaway of a signed copy of Angel Dust ended. And now the winner has been chosen.

A BIG congratulations to the very lucky winner... Gillian H!

Well done, Gillian - I hope you enjoy your prize! But to those of you who didn't win, no worries! Another giveaway is on it's way to you very soon! :D

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo

PS: You can check out my interview with the lovely author, Sarah Mussi HERE! :)


  1. Massive congrats to Gillian, and thanks so so so much for hosting the Giveaway in the first place, Rachel. :D xxx

  2. Congrats, Gillian! Enjoy the book, you lucky thing! :D I guess because I didn't win, I'll just have to buy it myself ;) it looks amazing! Thanks for the giveaway! xx

  3. Yay! Congrats, Gillian! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Rachel.(:

  4. Noo! I missed it! Awwwwwh but haha..I have a giveaway coming soon if you want to enter..LOL ;) Just stopping by to say ahhh I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I think I am already following but every time I come back I'm like..''OMG I need to follow this blog it's awesome! ;)'' Haha xo
    Jazz ~

    P.S Do u have goodreads/twitter ect? You seem really nice and I like to get to know the people I follow/follow me in a non-stalkeryy way! Well..only the fellow TEEN bloggers anyway ;)

  5. Huge congrats to Gillian H! Angel Dust looks brilliant! :)
    Thanks so much for hosting the awesome giveaway!!
    Beth xx


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