Author Interview: E.K. Henry PLUS Giveaways!

Monday, 16 July 2012
Hey everyone! Today I have an interview with Freak author, E.K. Henry and then two giveaways for you all! You can find my review for Freak here. Enjoy! ^.^

What would you say to those reading this to persuade them to read your book?
If you like vampires, but want a twist you haven’t seen, Freak is for you. It’s a quick fun read.

What was the hardest task you had to face when writing Freak?
EDITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's such a love hate relationship. I love seeing my books become better and better, but revising and editing takes up soooo much time. I can draft a book in a month when I am really into it but revising is a whole different game. It can take months and months.

Did you always want to write a book about vampires and a reality television show? How come?
The answer is no. I knew I wanted to write a paranormal, but I had no idea it would take the form that it did. I came up with the idea for Freak while reading a story about a Mormon family that was getting their own reality television show. Most of the family seemed thrilled about the idea, but one child in particular wasn't. They didn't want the world to see how different their family was from mainstream society. This story got me thinking about what it would be like to be forced to participate in a show that was meant to spotlight how different you are than everybody else. I tried to imagine the worst scenario that I would hate to be put in myself, and that is how Freak was born.

What do you think would be the scariest part of your experience if you lived in Juniper's world?
I think the communistic government would be the scariest part. You are told what you can do, think, and even what job you can have. It would be pure misery to know that I wouldn’t even have the freedom to choose how I wanted to live my life.

If you were stranded on a desert island, which of your characters would you choose to accompany you?
I would have to say Rouge. There’s no doubt in my mind, she’d be able to fend off any animals or pirates.

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be?
I would be invisible. It would be amazing to be invisible. Think about the gossip you would here if no one thought you were around.

Finally, do you have any current projects going on right now that you could tell us a little about?
I have several that are in the planning stages. There is a sequel to Freak and also several novellas that tell the story of Freak from the other character’s points of view.

Quick-Fire Questions:

Vampire or Vampire Slayer? I think it would be cool to be both. You’d have all the physical strength of a vamp, so you could take them out easily. It would be awesome to be Blade.

Which Character: Trip or Brandon? I would have first have answered Brandon. He is a kind guy who sees that the world is messed up so he tried to change that. As I have plotted the sequel further, I’m starting to lean towards Trip more *wink wink* YAY, I love Trip! Does that mean love triangle?! :D

Which Character: Rouge or Specs? Rouge. She is a kick ass heroine.

Cookies or cupcakes? Cupcakes

Pen or keyboard? Pen for plotting and outlining. Keyboard for actually writing. I write in quick sprints whenever I can find time throughout the day so the computer helps me keep up with how quickly I tend to write.

Great answers, huh? Now on to the giveaways! There will be two giveaways and seven winners! The first giveaway is to win one of TWO ebook versions of Freak and the other is to win one of FIVE signed bookmarks! You can enter one or both! Good luck!

- Both giveaways are international!
- Closing dates for both are 30th July 2012, 11:59PM (GMT+1 - UK Time)
- You must understand that your email address will be passed on to the author if you win the ebook giveaway.
- You must understand that you will have to give your home address to the author if you win the bookmark giveaway.
- No more than one entry each for both giveaways.
- Random Number Generator picks the winner so it's completely fair. :)

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. It's interesting how one little thing can spark off the idea for a book :) Now I'm even more excited to read this book!

    Entered the give away, fingers crossed ;D

  2. Great interview, this book sounds interesting to read. Thank you for the giveaway! :) xx

  3. I would LOVE to be invisible! But not all the time, just when I choose. Perfect for arriving late at school. :D Editing sounds so... Annoying, but for the best. :P

    Thanks for this interview, I'm now even more eager to read Freak! And YAY for the giveaway. :D Thank you so much Rachel, for hosting, and E.K. for providing the awesome prizes.(:

  4. Brilliant interview!! :) Freak sounds brilliant, and really interesting!

    Being invisible would be such an awesome superpower to have!

    Thanks so much for the awesome interview and giveaway!!,

    Beth xx


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