World Book Day

Thursday, 1 March 2012
Yup, the day is here! The day where we celebrate the amazing world of the written word - and, of course, the authors behind it all! Oh, where would all we readers be without books? Where would we be if we couldn't disappear into another world to escape reality? Well I know my answer!

I am so close to 100 followers! I am still keeping my promise of a giveaway when I reach the three digit number (only one away people)! All we need is someone to click that follow button just up there to your left and a giveaway will be in our grasp! :D I'm still figuring what books and such to give away...

Happy Reading,
Rachel xoxo


  1. Yay, happy World Book Day!
    Oooh, you're so close. Good luck!

  2. Happy world book Day :) So close, can't wait for the giveaway! I'm only 11 followers away...not too bad ;)

  3. Happy World Book Day! I'm visiting a school tomorrow and I'll be talking about book blogging. Hopefully I can send a few more followers to you all!

  4. appy wrld book dy people

  5. i hope u all had a good book day my sister was a wich lol :)

  6. Ria ~ I know! It's so teasing! :(

    Cliona ~ Congrats, 11 followers away! Your blog is great, you should definetly get more followers! :D

    Luisa ~ Aw, that's so nice! :)

    Anonymous1 ~ Thanks!

    Anonymous2 ~ Aw, hehe. I still hope you managed to get in some reading!

  7. Hi ! I am from Peru, I really like your posts ! Here in PerĂº we are planning lots of events for these special day ! Our library name iS ORDECUPE check our page in facebook !

    Read and be free !!!


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