The Books of Beginning #1 - The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens

Sunday, 12 June 2011
Kate, Michael and Emma think they are just plain ordinary. Nothing special. But when they come across a mysterious book in a mysterious orphanage that has the power to transport them back to the past, they realise their destiny is far more greater than any of them could ever have imagined, and way more dangerous too...

Genre: Adventure/Fantasy/Mystery
Edition: Doubleday, Hardback, 2011
Recommended Age: 10+
Source: Bought
Notes: Book 1 out of 3
Rating: 4/5

Woah. This book is good. Crammed full of action, adventure, fantasy and mystery, this novel has the whole package!
The main characters, Kate, Michael and Emma P. have their own very different and distinct personalities and I feel without one of them, this book would have felt like a part of it was missing. Kate is the protective, older sister, Michael is the slightly younger brother who loves magical creatures (especially dwarves!) and Emma - even though she is the youngest - is tough and fiery. I can't really say who is my favourite character because I like them all, but the character that stands out just a tiny bit more - apart from the three main characters - is Gabriel. The children meet Gabriel when he comes to their rescue and he has a strong bond with Emma. I admire his bravery and determination and the love and reassurance he gives Emma.
If I had to admit a slight problem I found in this book, it would be that I thought the beginning was a bit unrealistic at a certain part.
Overall though, I found this book quite enjoyable.

Rachel xx :)


  1. This sounds awesome! Great review, I really want to read this now. :-)

  2. It is! :)
    Thanks! ;)
    You should! :o)

  3. This sounds so exciting! I love fantasy - I would love to read it!

  4. This book is the BEST!Even though im only in the middle of this book,it is really good. I highly recomend this book for ages 8-11. Even if you arent eight to eleven,jyou may not get the idea of the book. The adventures of kate,micheal,and emma are epic. Every body should read the emerald atlas.


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