Pony Club Rivals by Stacey Gregg

Tuesday, 24 May 2011
A little while back I finished the first three books in the Pony Club Rival series by Stacey Gregg and so I've decided to post about all of them in the same post. If you like the sound of these books after reading the first synopsis, it might be a spoiler to read the second and third one, if you don't mind though, be my guest!

Book #1 (The Auditions): Georgie Parker has always dreamed of attending "all stars" Blainford Academy, the most admired equestrian boarding school in America, so when her chance finally comes along can she show everyone that she has what it takes to be a great rider?

Book #2 (Showjumpers): Blainford Academy isn't easy, as thirteen year old Georgie Parker is now well aware of, but can she show the competitive girls in her classes that she has her place in the "all stars academy" and that she can beat them at their own skill?
Since meeting James Kirkwood, Georgie has found herself smitten but when James had asked her to stay over at his mansion during the holidays, Georgie had no idea what was in store...

Book #3 (Riding Star): Georgie Parker has always longed to be an eventing rider like her famous mother, Ginny Parker, but when her dreams are delayed she has to take up a different sport, polo. But polo is looked upon as a man's game so can Georgie show everyone that girls have what it takes?

Recommended Age: 9+
Author: Stacey Gregg
Rating: 4/5

Yes, yes, yes, you've guessed right. I love horses! So of course I loved these books. I can't really tell you much more than I loved the plots each book had, I enjoyed reading about the characters (and the horses obviously!) and I am awaiting the arrival of the next book in this fabby series that is not yet out! I do hope that you will try these books and if you are horse crazy I think if you gave these books a go, you would enjoy them greatly!

Rachel xx :)

PS: Do you think this blog should host giveaways (by asking you this, I am not promising a giveaway or anything though, I would really like to do one though)?


  1. They sound really good. The covers are nice too! :-)

  2. These sound great. I love books about horses too. Giveaways would be nice (who doesn't love giveaways? :D) but this blog is brilliant without them anyway.

  3. Zoe: They are good! Yeah, I agree, the covers are really nice :D

    Cliona: Yay, someone else who enjoys a horsey book! I might try and do a giveaway if I get an opportunity :) I just deleted the extra comments, lol :D

  4. Is there going to be a 5th book cause I've read all the other four

  5. they are amazing i so wish i could be georgie and do you no if there will be a book 5 ?

  6. They are so amazing! Theya rare like my favourite books ever !!!!😄😃I can't wait for the fifth one!!! Pony club rivals rox ! They r so awesome I can't put it into words :P

  7. i love them too:they rock!I know there is going to be a fifth one but not sure when...

  8. Which is everyone's favourite out of all four of them...i like 'Riding Star' best:D

  9. Yeah theres going to be a 5th book cos she cant end it on a cliffhanger (dont want to give it away for those who havent read The Prize). also if you liked pony club rivals you should try pony club secrets - its by stacey gregg too and really good.

  10. i love the books i am a total fan of stacy gregg
    i hope she writes a 5th one because they are the best books i have ever read!!!
    Go Stacy


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