Hazel Wetherby & The Elixir of Love by Bill Defelis

Wednesday, 9 February 2011
Hazel Wetherby is thirteen years old and has a mad family. Two scientists for parents, a brother convinced he is an alien and a baby sister called Nut. She would like to have a normal stress free life but that is proved difficult when her parents suddenly go missing. With no suspects and no police to help her, Hazel takes on the challenge of finding them herself. But before long she begins to realize that other people are involved in the same ordeal and are on the hunt for something else, and they will not stop for anything or anyone until they have it. And that something else might just be the key to this mystery...

Author: Bill Defelis
Genre: Fantasy/Mystery/Science Fiction
Publication Year: 2010
Recommended Age: 12+
Rating: 4/5

"Nancy Drew meets Men in Black" Bill Defelis.

I could not have summed that up better for you. This novel is a mixture of Nancy Drew and Men in Black no doubt! Crammed full of mystery with a splash of science fiction on top. Bill Defelis has certainly got a good imagination!
Characterisation is a very good factor in this book and one worth mentioning. Hazel is probably my favourite character. I really admire Hazel for her bravery, determination and loyalty to her friends and family. I also like Mrs Schnuffler. She is one of Hazel's neighbours and was very helpful when Hazel needed her. She has the reputation of the nasty, lonely woman that no one ever sees but when Hazel builds up the courage to talk to her she realizes that she is very kind hearted and brave. There is a lot of characters in this book though and sometimes I found myself asking who was who and what were they there for.
I love the fact that this novel was a mixture of genres. I don't want to give to much away though so I will not go into detail. I feel that it is a very good quality in a book when it has more than one type of genre because then it can entertain different types of audiences. I really think you should check this book out. If you are a fan of science fiction and mystery that might help.

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Rachel xx :)

PS: If I do not put the synopsis in italics or qoute marks then that means that I have thought it up myself ;)


  1. This is a really intriguing review! Thank you.

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  4. Luisa: Your welcome :)
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